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“Our implementation of ProcessMaker has helped improved a culture of continuous improvement since automation can be achieved almost immediately. It is cost efficient and easy to deploy and use.” Lanre Bamisebi Head, IT Transformation Strategy and Application Development


UBA Plc recently purchased ProcessMaker to replace another vendor provided workflow solution which had been in use for some time. The previous system had limited functionality and did not meet the needs of this ever changing business in providing value and service to its customers. With ProcessMaker, the Bank discovered a dynamic, user-friendly interface and a powerful process engine which was easy to understand and implement. Business critical KPI’s such as request turnaround times were not measurable due to limitations with the old software.The automation of complex manual processes was difficult and time consuming with the old software.Achieving full autonomous automation was arduous and changes or updates to current practices meant making difficult adjustments to the old system.All of the above proved inefficient in cost


Utilizing ProcessMaker as a BPM solution, UBA integrated the various modules into a single automated process which now allows each client request to be created and tracked from start to finish.
  • Efficiency and transparency thanks to full ProcessMaker automation via case management, making the tracking of customer applications simple and therefore shortening the lifecycle of the application.
  • Customer Service since records are electronically searchable meaning that the user spends less time searching paper files for a client’s request.
  • Collaboration due to having an electronic system with email integration, this makes for easy access and deployment of services to any of our business offices.
  • Turnaround time of financial requests - which was hailed as a major milestone achievement by the company.
  • Physical Storage space now that paper is not used.
  • Wait and processing time for the end client due to the improvement of efficiency.
  • Application mistakes thanks to ProcessMaker Dynaform field validations ensuring that the application information is complete and correct.
  • Paper waste due to forms being electronic.

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