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Access Bank Logo Name: Access Bank Sector: Finance & Insurance Employees: 10,891 Users: 23,000

Highlighted Processes

  • Audit and Compliance

The platform was so transformative for the bank that ProcessMaker and the ProcessMaker team were given the 2019 Innovation of the Year Award by the bank’s CEO.


Access Bank wanted to improve the way it communicated in international markets. The bank’s previous workflow software vendor did not allow the executive suite to interact with the workflow process as fully as they required. This created cross- collaboration inefficiency, resulting in slower response times for customers. Access Bank had its sights on expanding its reach in the international and African markets. If the bank was going to streamline its various processes by going digital, it needed to adopt technology that could accommodate multiple departmental needs. Account opening was not yet omnipresent in its digital experience, meaning that the previous BPM solution was unable to service a myriad of channels at the same time. Furthermore, a lack of intelligent workflow software made it difficult to keep up with new compliance changes. Many of these regulation changes include FACTA, global KYC, AML, IFRS9, Basel III, and others as a result of the global financial crisis.


Access Bank required a robust solution that was going to be able to streamline all of its branches and processes on one platform. ProcessMaker’s ability to connect multiple departments within the bank, from back office to the front office, was needed to reach the bank’s customer experience goals and long-term revenue strategy. The bank decided to use the ProcessMaker platform in August of 2017, kicking off the project in November of the same year. ProcessMaker’s banking workflow automation platform allowed Access Bank to automate its various processes categories with minimal coding. Business users, the C-suite, and the IT department alike are able to collaborate and produce work more effectively under the same platform. As a result, the entire bank’s operational, legal, customer service, and compliance processes were optimized. The platform continued to scale even as Access Bank’s reach expanded overtime. Following Access Bank’s goals of international expansion, the bank decided to merge with Diamond Bank. This created a bank with 29 million customers, which is more than any other bank in Africa, according to Reuters in a recent article.

The Value Created

200+ processes in the following categories: • Admin • Audit and Compliance • Credit and Credit Risk Management • Legal • Operations • Operations Risk Management • Technical • Account Opening

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