Process Mapping vs. Documentation: What You Need to Know

Process mapping is critical for efficient operations. These maps offer visual representation of required inputs and outputs, enhancing communication with stakeholders and making it easier to manage processes from start-to-finish. Many organizations use process maps in continuous improvement exercises, following the flow to pinpoint inefficiencies. Business leaders often believe that process

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Dynaforms: What are Dynamic Forms in Workflow Management?

Gathering required forms is one of the biggest obstacles to an efficient workflow. Organizational leaders know that the lag time between distributing documents and getting them back from business partners can take weeks, delaying the company’s ability to start on the job. New technology is revolutionizing the process of collecting, sharing

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simplify contract management process

How to Simplify the Contract Management Process

Negotiating contracts is critical to business success, as the terms of the agreement spell out the details of high-value transactions. A single misstep can result in serious financial loss. Historically, the contract management process has been ad-hoc, with various areas of the organization following different guidelines. Most final documents were

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ProcessMaker - Document Workflow Management Systems

Important Features of Document Workflow Management Systems

Important Features of Document Workflow Management Systems Record-keeping has long been an expensive and time-consuming part of doing business. Every company has a collection of documents that have to be organized and stored. Heavily-regulated industries face an even bigger burden than similar-sized peers in other lines of work. Electronic documents are

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engineering change order process

Benefits of Automating your Engineering Change Order Process

Tracking engineering change requests and ensuring successful implementation is a complex endeavor for businesses of every size. There are a variety of stakeholders involved in requesting, approving and executing change requests, making it simple for details to fall through the cracks. Fortunately, advanced business process management technology offers an opportunity

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processmaker - business decision management

The difference between Business Decision Management and Business Process Management

Most companies are familiar with the theories of business process management (BPM). New tools are making it possible to automate process flow to maximize efficiency and increase outputs. However, business decision management (BDM) is not implemented as broadly. These two concepts are entirely separate yet complementary. Innovative organizations use both to

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