customer service process

Optimizing the Customer Service Process with BPM Software

In a digital economy, very few organizations can compete on price. The most critical factor in differentiating a company and ensuring repeat business is customer experience. Researchers at Forrester calculated that a 10 percent improvement in customer experience scores can increase revenue by more than $1 billion. However, many companies

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blockchain workflow automation

Blockchain Workflow Automation: Why You Should Embrace It

These days, the trend in business processes is undeniably moving away from slow, manual methods and toward greater automation and centralization. Automating your processes has a number of benefits: completing tasks faster, increasing visibility, standardizing outputs, reducing errors, and lowering costs, just to name a few. Although automation has done a

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Ellucian Rising Star Award

ProcessMaker wins Ellucian’s Rising Star Award at Educause

Ellucian Rising Star Award ProcessMaker received the prestigious Ellucian Rising Star Award at the Educause partner summit on November 3rd.  ProcessMaker’s Chief Revenue Officer, Joseph Torano, was at the event to receive the award from Ellucian’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Boyce.  Mr. Torano also discussed ProcessMaker’s upcoming plans for its higher

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e-commerce workflow

Top Ways to Improve Your E-commerce Workflow

The beauty of online storefronts is that they allow businesses of any size to tap into a widening market of consumers. However, they also face competition with online behemoths like Amazon and Alibaba as well as hundreds of other, smaller e-commerce business sites that are selling nearly identical products. Flashy

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processmaker - it change request process

IT Change Request Process: Best Practices

IT Change Request Process Changing your IT software sets off a chain of events that often spreads through multiple departments. In some cases, software changes impact the entire company, which can adversely affect your customers. Preventing a negative customer experience requires skilled change management as well as an ability to identify

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ProcessMaker - QAD VS SAP

QAD vs. SAP – Differences Between Approvals

QAD vs. SAP: Differences Between Approvals Choosing an ERP vendor can be a risky decision since ERP technology is notoriously rigid, complex and costly to deploy. It is also growing more complicated because many of the major vendors are in the midst of a shift from on-premise to cloud-based operations. The

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