Single Process Application

Flat rate, per user, or per case billing options

Frequent User, Infrequent User, & External User Pricing

100% White Label


White Label, OEM, & Other

Handle custom use cases and special projects

Multi-tenant Management System for OEMs

Hybrid Hosting Models

Add true agility to your organization today with ProcessMaker.

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App Standard Enterprise
Customizable Inbox
In-application notifications
Email notifications
Custom filters
Push notifications (Slack, SMS, etc)
Actions by email
App Standard Enterprise
Standard reporting
Business activity monitoring (BAM)
Advanced search
SLA Management
Advanced analytics & reporting
Approvals by email
App Standard Enterprise
Process designer & engine
Screen & script designer
100% RESTful API
Standard reporting
Custom themes
Process templates
Case Management
Database tools
Connector library
Web portal builder
Data model tool
Custom packages
App Standard Enterprise
Nightly off-site backups
Single sign-on (SAML 2.0 & OAuth2)
Auth0 Integration
Encryption data at rest
High availability
Queue management
Application performance monitoring
Directory services
Development environment
Custom domain
Enterprise logging
Privacy Update
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