Sociedad Boliviana de Cemento S.A.

Sociedad Boliviana de Cemento S.A.
Sociedad Boliviana de Cemento S.A. Logo Name: Sociedad Boliviana de Cemento S.A. Sector: Manufacturing Users: 40


SOBOCE is the leading Bolivian manufacturer of cement, concrete and aggregate products, with four different cements, a variety of aggregate products, and 'Ready Mix' (a pre-mixed concrete) among its product offerings. As both the leading cement manufacturer and the largest subsidiary of Siemens in Bolivia, it needed a custom process that would track the purchase of capital goods in each of its divisions.  ProcessMaker created a workflow that not only handles the purchase approvals, but also takes the divisional budgets into account in the decision tree.

  • SOBOCE struggled with coordinating its equipment purchase requests across multiple divisions in dispersed locations across the country.
  • SOBOCE had to ensure that divisions did not exceed their budgets, divided in numerous subcategories.
  • Purchase Requests had to be manually guided through a large bureaucracy in order to receive approval.


Purchase Request Process: Employee within a division selects the necessary equipment for purchasing, ranging from office supplies to large equipment. Depending on the cost and other parameters, the request is routed to the correct authorities for approval. Once approved, SOBOCE selects the best retailer through specific recommendations from the ProcessMaker database and also makes the purchase directly from ProcessMaker. ProcessMaker automatically both updates the divisional budget and notifies the Financial Department of the purchase information.

Additional Features / Customizations

  • The ProcessMaker team created a built-in organizational chart that automatically routes the purchase requests to the appropriate authorities based on parameters of the request.
  • SOBOCE had an extensive Excel sheet of potential retailers for each item requested. ProcessMaker integrated this list into the purchase request process.

The Value Created


  • Increased SOBOCE™s control over departments since Purchases Requests are automatically cross-referenced with the intricate Divisional Budgets.
  • Increased efficiency since ProcessMaker automatically routes cases based on the type of request, the cost, and a dynamic organizational chart.


  • Decreased ambiguity about the Purchase Process since divisions and individual employees can check their request status at any time.
  • Decreased communication barriers since ProcessMaker automatically updates the Financial Department and others when a purchase is made.
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