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In order to meet the company’s aggressive growth rate goals, Valeo’s information systems department began their long tradition of digital transformation 17 years ago. Valeo’s previous BPM (a Fujitsu product) approval process took 90 seconds or longer, resulting in significant delays to user response times. As a result, Valeo experienced a surplus of user complaints and a major decrease in customer satisfaction. Recognizing an immediate need to improve its business processes to meet new demands, Valeo sought a new BPM platform that would accommodate its growing needs.


Valeo realized ProcessMaker offered the tech stack that the company needed to handle to accelerate its OEM offering. Switching to a new BPM platform allowed Valeo to introduce extremely agility in the way it fulfilled the company’s fast-growing needs for workflow applications, including mobile interface. Valeo had nearly doubled its stock value in the last three years, the CIO insisted on a single high-performance platform that could continue to help advance the company’s already high growth rate. The Valeo team developed unique implementations with Google, including Actions by Email (similar to the ProcessMaker I/O offering). Valeo was one of Google’s first large G Suite implementations in Europe. ProcessMaker would integrate with G Suite to streamline Valeo’s business processes.

The Value Created

Response times and user interface have improved dramatically compared to Valeo’s previous cloud platform. Approvals now take 15 seconds, down from 90 seconds. This reduction translates to significantly higher productivity than with the previous BPM solution. Additionally, new functionality also helps Valeo deploy process innovations more quickly. As a result of their BPM adoption, Valeo was able to go paperless. Since reducing CO2 emissions is a key component of the company mission, going paperless represents a significant milestone. Valeo now integrates better with their existing systems and they are experiencing increased efficiency with their customers and suppliers. Productivity improved among users, and Valeo has been able to simplify its processes and reduce redundant, outdated, or unnecessary workflow steps. In 2017, Valeo was nominated as a winner of the Global Excellence in BPM Award on behalf of WFMC using the ProcessMaker platform. Today, Valeo is known worldwide as a leading OEM automotive supplier, relying on ProcessMaker to power solutions for its customers on the cloud. Valeo expects continued efficiency gains and lower operating costs as the program matures.   Significant Proof Points Since implementing ProcessMaker, Valeo has achieved the following Key Performance Indicators: Create/Submit New Cases • Difference per action: 150 seconds (83% efficiency gain) • Actions per month: 72,000 • Estimated time saved monthly: 3,000 hours Approve/Reject Cases • Difference per action: 75 seconds (84% efficiency gain) • Actions per month: 180,000 (average case having 2.5 approvals) • Estimated time saved monthly: 3,750 hours

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