Work smarter and deliver on client expectations

Insurers can rapidly design campaigns for specific customer segments and channels and dynamically determine the most relevant offer, specific treatment, best time and the best channel to interact.

Boost Customer Acquisition

Combine real-time data, AI, and an integrated CRM with your workflows and deliver personalized offers across all channels to the right person every time.

Increase Wallet Share

Analyze customer data and context in real time, and then drives highly personalized recommendations to help you make the right offers for them, and your business.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Personalize any retention offer, on any channel and proactively initiate a sales or retention conversation and improve loyalty and retention.

Automate Insurance Workflows

The insurance market is extremely competitive, stay ahead of the competition with intelligently automated workflows.

Property & Casualty Claims

Online Insurance Application

Customer Onboarding

Medical Benefits Administration

Home & Auto Insurance

Medical Claims Processing

Customer Service

Group Quote Marketing

Accelerate Growth

Accelerate Growth

Go beyond traditional channels to deliver customer growth and loyalty.

Policy Administration

Policy Administration

Rapidly design and deploy workflows to enhance the customer experience. ProcessMaker enables you to offer a unified customer journey that exceeds expectations – every time.

Claims Operations

Claims Operations

Digitize claims operations for greater efficiency and accelerate claims handling to drive higher levels of customer service.

MDP Case Study

MDP Case Study

Learn how ProcessMaker empowered MDP to reduce human errors by 75% in proposal generation. Reducing these human errors assists MDP in quality assurance, protecting the profit margins of its core business, automating processes for easier replication and deployment, and providing an easy-to-use solution to design workflows within its company.

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