Name: Telefonica Sector: Tech & Telecom

Highlighted Processes

  • Cloud services, internet, land- line activation
  • Enterprise mobile service plan activation
  • Financial workflow
  • Contract and legal document management
  • Service Provider Management
  • Contract Management


Before ProcessMaker, Telefónica CAM re-entered data manually between Microsoft Excel and its legacy software. Manual input always leaves room for human error, along with delays in service and expensive labor costs. For example, Telefónica Guatemala was manually processing over 100 new business account subscriptions everyday before implementing ProcessMaker. Each of these produced 20 new accounts that needed to be created. All of this was completed manually, meaning that activating new accounts often took more than three days to complete. Telefónica realized both money and time was lost during the account opening process on a massive scale. At the time, Telefónica CAM was unable to determine the cost and ROI with its new subscriptions. It also had limited visibility into its organization’s workflows and the efficiency of its processes.


In 2013, Telefónica began using ProcessMaker first in Guatemala, then expanded to Costa Rica. Its financial workflows now work together seamlessly between multiple systems to coordinate expenses and payments in one centralized location. Telefónica also streamlines the activities and approvals associated with each payment process. Its processes and reporting are now automated using the ProcessMaker platform. The Telefónica CAM team benefited from the agility of the platform, deploying new processes and creating integrations between systems and processes to meet Telefónica’s ever- evolving needs. Another benefit included automating the activation process for mobile and cloud services, Internet, and landline phones. When a client signs up for a service, their information is routed through an approval process and then directly to the operator. ProcessMaker also integrates with the division’s document management service, DocMe to automate all contracts from start to finish. ProcessMaker creates the form employees complete and electronically sign, then ProcessMaker logs the contract in DocMe. Through ProcessMaker, high-level decisions can be made with precise and accurate data in real time. The system ensures accounting and financial data are based in accurate transaction information through automation.

The Value Created

Today, Telefónica currently automates over 100 processes using ProcessMaker in Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Panama. Through ProcessMaker, Telefónica CAM became more efficient and consistent across its full range of business functions including finance, accounting, sales, human resources, legal, marketing, IT, and business operations. Additionally, the organization added a new level of accountability to its daily operations. Dashboards and audit logs give insight into each of its processes and, to date, over 187,000 legal documents have been processed and logged using the DocMe document management workflow. Its mobile service activation process has been executed over 119,000 times, and landline, cloud services, and Internet services activation has been executed over 60,000 times. ProcessMaker can now calculate costs and return on investment automatically for Telefónica, resulting in new accounts can be opened and approved in one day rather than 3-7 days like before. The previous account creation process had been costly to Telefónica CAM as a result of its slower customer service response times. Now, ProcessMaker’s platform ensures that each new mobile or landline customer meets the company’s target profit margin and can adjust accordingly in real time. The ProcessMaker platform empowers Telefónica to leverage multiple systems in order to eliminate busywork, all without removing the key element of human interaction from the workflow process. Today, Telefónica’s newfound agility and adoption of ProcessMaker has enabled the telecom company to remain flexible and adaptable to new business challenges ahead.

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