Add a layer of approvals to your CI/CD Pipelines

Empower your DevOps team to achieve higher levels of efficiencies by integrating with tools such as GitHub, CircleCI, Docker, AWS, and more to serve as an intelligent approval layer around your IT infrastructure.


Sitting at the intersection of operations, development, and quality assurance (QA), ProcessMaker empowers DevOps departments to achieve higher efficiencies by integrating with tools such as GitHub and CircleCI to serve as an intelligent human approval layer around your DevOps and deployment processes triggers using forms and emails.

Add Approvals to your Cloud Deployments

ProcessMaker empowers DevOps departments at organizations to add human approvals around all IT infrastructure management, orchestration, and deployments. By integrating with popular CI/CI application APIs such as CircleCI, GitHub, and Docker, ProcessMaker can serve as the intelligent approval layer that makes sure infrastructure resource changes and deployments are continuously deployed properly.

Wrap Approvals Around AWS Serverless Workflows

Add approvals around serverless workflows built using AWS Step Functions that allow you coordinate multiple AWS services so you can build and update apps quickly. Wrap intelligent approvals around your AWS Step Functions with ProcessMaker to add a layer for human interaction in the case of an issue or threshold set around your serverless workflows.

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