Better internal communication, more competitive margins

To succeed in these industries and retain customers, you must operate efficiently, maintain competitive margins, and manage numerous custom business processes related to tech and telecom.

Accelerate Growth

Combine real-time context with prospect data and analytics to find potential customers that are right for you, then make the perfect one-to-one offers, any time, on any channel.

Increase Cross-Sell/Upsell

With ProcessMaker, you can look at your customer’s usage behaviors, evolving needs, and triggers to proactively map out the right products to grow your relationships and revenue with customers.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Personalize any retention offer, in any channel, at any time. Proactively initiate a sales or retention conversation with a customer right when a problem happens.

Commonly Automated Tech and Telecom Workflows

IT Services Request

New Line Creation Request

SAP Integrated Purchase Request

Vacation Request

Additional Services Request

Virtual Voucher Request

Bandwidth Increase Request

Register Damaged Equipment

Subscriber Management

Subscriber Management

Leverage a comprehensive workflow platform connected to your CRM allows for keeping a complete history of all customer interactions in one place.

Sales Management

Sales Management

Easily automate the whole sales and order process with ProcessMaker for tech and telecom companies.

Network Management

Network Management

Leverage our solution for telecoms and tech companies to increase revenue from existing and new networks, services and applications.

Telefonica Case Study

Telefonica Case Study

Telefónica CAM, the largest mobile telecommunications market leader in Panama and Nicaragua, improves its customer experience by increasing operational efficiency and accountability using ProcessMaker.

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