Enhance the student experience by eliminating cumbersome tasks and workflows

Enhance enrollment, improve the learning experience, automate the entire enrollment process, and streamline transfer credits for future incoming students by automating repetitive or manual.

Save hundreds of hours on transfer student enrollment

Transfer students’ credits, classes, credentials and information to your institutions offerings to best align their past with their future.

Reduce errors
with attendance
and grades

Keep track and report on student attendance in an automated way, reducing errors.

Optimize common resources with intelligent scheduling

Better coordinate class schedules, exam timelines, and room assignments with ease.

Automate Higher Education Workflows

Deliver the optimal experience through operational efficiency

Student Transfer Credit Enrollment


Admissions & enrollment

Class scheduling, exams, and room assignments


Donor program management

Parent-teaching automated communications

ProcessMaker Higher Ed Features

ProcessMaker BPA platform offers an extensive list of enterprise-grade features for streamlining and orchestrating processes. It facilitates designing, running, reporting, and optimizing business processes, enhancing productivity while reducing costs.

Use & Create Tailor Made Higher Ed Templates

Accelerate and simplify academic process creation with ProcessMaker’s Academic Templates. Utilize our ready-to-go templates designed specifically for educational settings. These templates in the Process Modeler facilitate the immediate adoption of predefined academic and administrative processes.

Design Educational Forms & Dashboards

Educators and academic staff can design intuitive forms and display screens tailored for educational workflows. Use forms to gather student feedback, display academic data, or design evaluation screens for faculty review and decision-making.

Manage Faculty, Students & View Requests

Ensure secure access based on credentials, granting full control over user interactions within the software tailored for an educational environment. Define roles for faculty, students, and administrative staff, customizing the activities they can perform based on their assigned roles—group users based on academic departments or teams.

Educational Decision Engine

Navigate complex academic decisions effortlessly with ProcessMaker. Our platform supports varied decision-making scenarios encountered in higher education, from grading choices to curriculum decisions, without complex scripting. Utilize intuitive decision tables to represent educational guidelines and policies, ensuring transparent and optimized outcomes.

AI-Powered Academic Search

Harness the power of AI in searching academic content within the ProcessMaker Platform. With our AI-driven search bar, users can effortlessly locate academic materials, courses, and research. Even those unfamiliar with ProcessMaker Query Language (PMQL) can seamlessly navigate, making academic searches more intuitive and user-centric.

Email-Based Academic Actions

Educators and administrators can approve or reject course changes, research proposals, or administrative requests from email or communication platforms like Slack. This component displays the academic request data in an email, simplifying decision-making. Even offline, users can make decisions, with the system auto-updating upon reconnection.

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