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Adecco Colombia accelerates its customer experience, reduces customer support costs, and improves its overall security by automating core service operations using ProcessMaker via AWS.

Adecco Colombia
Adecco Colombia Logo Name: Adecco Colombia Sector: Tech & Telecom Users: 485 Cases: 36,871

Highlighted Processes

  • Request for IT Changes or Development
  • New Outsourcing Personnel
  • Vacation Application for Hired Personnel
  • Travel Expenses Discounts
  • Medical Exam Application
  • Disciplinary Processes
  • Process Configuration
  • Travel Expense Approval
  • Personal Outsourcing Application
  • Customer Service


Adecco Colombia needed a way to coordinate its core service offerings to its contractors. Prior to ProcessMaker, Adecco staff supported its temporary employees through manual, ad-hoc email chains. Since the workflows were not clearly defined or systematized between staff members and customers, there was little visibility into the status of each support ticket. This created room for reporting errors or other preventable, human mistakes. Adecco found that tickets were often left unresolved due to other work tasks taking greater priority. Often, a customer support analyst would route a ticket to a staff member through its ad-hoc email system, only to have staff forget to update users when their issues were resolved. Since all of the call notes were taken manually, the information collected from each client remained inconsistent. Furthermore, staff input this information into Microsoft Excel, meaning that data was often lost or incorrect due to accidentally deleting information or entering numbers in the wrong row.   The branch also suffered from clearly defined process management, along with transparency around how much software accessibility was permissible for its temporary employees. Managers granted access to contractors on an ad-hoc basis, often taking days or weeks for new users to get access to the systems they needed. At the same time, these contractors were granted access to systems and permissions that were off-limits to employees outside of upper management. This posed a significant security risk to Adecco Colombia.


As a deeply customized service, Adecco Colombia required a workflow solution that was more flexible than other options they had considered previously. Adecco Colombia began working with ProcessMaker in 2016 with the goal of reducing manual work to drive down costs involved with many of its core service processes. The branch started by building an automated workflow that allowed staff members to review vacation requests submitted on Adecco online.   ProcessMaker would integrate seamlessly and extend the capabilities of Adecco Colombia’s ERP system (Novasoft) and Adecco Online. By incorporating business process management into the ERP’s organizational power of collecting and distributing data, Adecco Colombia’s staff could now make critical decisions quickly and with peace of mind. Confusion and time wasted are then eliminated knowing the company’s processes are centralized, easily replicable and deployable in real-time, and secure.

The Value Created

Since moving to the ProcessMaker platform, Adecco Colombia’s customer support process is fully automated. When a user contacts the branch, a support analyst collects the required information and fills out a form that kicks off the workflow. Agents and managers are automatically notified of ticket assignments and the analyst who submitted the ticket can monitor its status, receiving an update after completion. Finally, the system sends a final email update to the user when their issue is resolved.     The new Account Management Process streamlines employee permission management across the 30 software applications that Adecco uses internally. From the second an employee is hired at Adecco, he or she has all the information, tools, and assets they need every step of the way. If an employee is promoted or moves to another department, workflows are fired off automatically and software accessibility permissions are then updated accordingly. Today, Adecco Colombia now guarantees that each employee has access to what they need and when they need it in order to achieve optimal performance on the job.     To date, Adecco Colombia has automated over 30 processes using ProcessMaker, with 11 processes actively running in the cloud via AWS. These primarily relate to its core service operations providing temporary employment opportunities to its users. The branch has since eliminated manual data entry, resulting in fewer errors in its customer support base and increasing the transparency of its daily operations.

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