GTBank Logo Name: GTBank Sector: Finance & Insurance Employees: 10,000+ Users: 7,500+ Cases: 200,000+ Cases per Month

Highlighted Processes

  • Car Loan Liquidation
  • Car Loan Liquidation
  • International Trade Facility Sign- Off
  • Document Deferral Process
  • CIR Process
  • Risk & Control Self-Assessment
  • Term Loan-Time Deposit
  • Cash & Travel
  • File Transfer Module
  • Retail Loans
  • Change Request Form
  • Case Management for E-Fraud
  • Complaints
  • Attestation of Returns Rendered
  • Contract Staff Exit Form
  • Contract Staff Leave Application


Before ProcessMaker, GTBank’s internal business processes operated on an outdated management suite. The previous vendor’s product architecture and point solutions weren’t delivering the level of customization nor scalability for customers that the bank needed. Eventually, the rising cost became harder to justify. In order to integrate easily, certain features were required by GTBank for the BPM system. For example, the bank needed a central processing department at corporate. This was meant to handle tasks like demographic changes and maintenance. Originally, this was happening at individual branches. Departmental silos and communication lags became a negative effect that contributed to the inefficiencies in cross-collaboration. GTBank also wanted to use the system for foreign exchange transactions—or exchanges involving money moving in and out of the country. Specifically, it needed to integrate ProcessMaker with the Swift Financial Messaging Service. This service generated Telex messages to notify banks when money transfers have been completed. Those requests would then be received and approved in the ProcessMaker system before initiating the transfer.


GTBank required a robust solution that was going to be able to streamline all of its branches and processes on one platform. The amount of complexity, customization, and power the possible solution required was enormous. Due to the ProcessMaker platform being intuitive, simple to use among nontechnical personnel, and comprehensive, GTBank was able to use ProcessMaker for all operational needs. Today, any business unit not involved in central processing or foreign transfers uses ProcessMaker for process automation.

The Value Created

Bank staff quickly learned how easy it was to assign cases and complete processes through the new digital system. All operations are able to be automated, transferred, assigned, and completed on the ProcessMaker platform. By handling cases faster at greater volume, the bank remains consistent in delivering its promise of utmost excellence in banking solutions. “Since working with ProcessMaker, we’ve recorded significant improvements in turnaround time of serving both the internal and external customers. The platform also helped us reduce our error rate, reworks, and risk exposure, resulting in improved audit ratings.” To date, the institution has increased its processes from 161 to 204. A revamp of the IT department was a critical change, too. After receiving and analyzing requests, the department assigns a developer to the case before moving the project to testing and, if all goes well, to production. Once GTBank started using ProcessMaker, the platform quickly became the most used application at the bank. The financial institution has 7,500 users working 20,000 cases through the system, completing over 4 million cases in six years—that’s more than 150,000 per month. ProcessMaker has redefined how GTBank operates, giving it the tools it needs to serve its customers better and expand its business. For personnel to deliver quality work, space and time must be created to focus and be productive. This is precisely what the ProcessMaker platform empowered GTBank to do.

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