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  • Marketing Election Change
  • New Entitlement Notifications
  • New Product Notifications
  • New Well Drilled Notifications
  • Revenue Close Documents
  • Owner Relations
  • First Production Notice
  • DO Status
  • Payout
  • Well to be Drilled
  • Title Completed
  • Ownership Change
  • Well Status Change
  • Reg Communication
  • Non-Consent
  • AFE Balloting
  • Acreage Change
  • Business Associates
  • Lease Rental Payment Notice for Accounting
  • New TMPs
  • New APCs

“Any business is a series of workflows.” Tim Wadle, VP of Product Management


P2 Energy previously housed workflows within a specific application. This posed multiple
problems due to the increasing need to gather information from several systems, then
leverage that information to execute workflows. As P2 Energy’s customer base has
grown, clients managed platforms familiar to staff, yet expensive to maintain. Due to
their outdated nature, many of these platforms don’t have the desired functionality
required to meet each customers’ needs.

P2 Energy’s technology stack included over 100 different software solutions, required
a workflow solution to compliment existing systems. Its lease approval process didn’t
connect to other processes, and integration for production volumes often went
to external software. In addition, P2 Energy’s geological offerings were not part of
traditional accounting packages. Having a workflow software solution that could be
easily integrated and white-labeled was critical to meet state and federal regulations,
while exceeding customer demands.


P2 clients began exploring ways to reduce or eliminate repetitive tasks to drive down
costs and adopt more efficient workflows, eventually adopting the ProcessMaker
platform as an OEM solution into the solution suite. The solution was branded as P2
Workflow. ProcessMaker was able to connect several systems into one platform to solve
customer requirements across the enterprise, delivering the tailored, customizable
solutions needed by oil and gas companies for their customer bases. P2 Energy would
also train its staff on the ProcessMaker platform to deliver solutions to their customers
as quickly as possible.

The Value Created

Today, P2 Workflow—powered by ProcessMaker—layers over top of its legacy
environment to call, process, and distribute data across its clients’ enterprises to solve
business needs. P2 successfully configured P2 Workflow to call data from across
their client’s enterprise—linking information to create solutions ranging from land
management to geospatial data, to oil and gas, accounting, and more.

P2’s Workflow solution knits together a wide variety of disparate point solutions and
legacy systems to extend value. By pre-packaging common workflows to the oil and
gas sector, P2 Energy saves implementation time by quickly customizing “out of the
box.” Operational visibility is enhanced as a result, and repetitive, manual tasks are now
automated, saving time, money, and precious resources in the process.
Additional value is achieved through each integration’s specific client requirements—
even third party systems on the domain, department, or cross-company levels. This
level of connectivity is known to be a major driver of organizational performance from
the top down. P2 Workflow has also used workflow mapping to create a highly effective
IT risk management solution for system upgrades and future technological changes for
their oil and gas customers.

P2’s unmatched expertise and leadership in addressing the technical challenges of the
oil and gas industry — combined with ProcessMaker’s intelligent platform — has created
a comprehensive, integrated solution tailored to address the unique business needs of
the modern energy industry.

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