Streamline your finance department with workflow automation

In the era of digital transformation, finance departments are looking to technology to increase efficiencies in achieving their departmental goals while also collaborating across the organization.

Asset Management

From acquisition to disposal, manage the entire lifecycle of your assets.

Cash Management

Keep tabs on the petty cash that comes in and goes out of your office


Ensure the right data goes into the books with accounting approvals

Automated Finance Processes

Finance department employees perform thousands of activities each day. Ease their workload with automated finance processes.

Expenditure Forecasts

Data Controlling

Accounts Receivable System

Annual Accounts Audit

Invoice Workflow

Investment Application

Cancellation Reminder

CAPEX Requests

Save Time

Save Time

Today, an hour or a minute can make all the difference. Finance departments are changing the way they work with ProcessMaker's workflow automation platform.

Document Generation

Document Generation

Implement document generation for consistently compliant digital documents. Customizable forms and contracts with pre-populated data reduce errors and keep business outcomes positive.

Automated Compliance

Automated Compliance

Keeping a complete audit trail doesn’t have to be time-consuming or manual. Replace paper documents with automated tasks that store digital documents without human intervention.

BanRegio Case Study

BanRegio Case Study

Learn how BanRegio, a $4 billion dollar publicly traded bank, transformed from manual, paper-based processes to an intelligently automated digital bank. Today, BanRegio drives the highest levels of operational efficiency by leveraging the ProcessMaker platform.

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