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Highlighted Processes

  • Request for certificate of debt level
  • Request for a credit-related product or operation
  • Request to restructure an agreement
  • Request a payment note
  • File an insurance claim request
  • Make a request regarding a deposit
  • Make a special check request
  • File a complaint regarding
  • File a complaint regarding a credit transaction
  • Request for a document or file from secure warehouse
  • Complaint or clarification related to a point-of-sale transaction
  • Complaints and clarifications related to an ATM


Before ProcessMaker, Banregio’s process management, internal organization, and
customer interactions operated on a blend of manual processes and minimal software
applications. The lack of automation technology during the workflow process
prevented Banregio from delivering its highest customer satisfaction potential.
Banks often work within volatile environments due to compliance regulations like
the Mexican FinTech Act and Securities Market Law, market changes, and consumer
demands. Banregio required a fast, easy solution to stay competitive in the market.
The platform had to increase the operational health of Banregio, accelerate its
customer experience strategy, and integrate easily with its current systems.
With ProcessMaker, Banregio wanted to improve five major areas of its business:

  1. Data migration. The bank needed to migrate data from an Excel spreadsheet and
    individual workstations to a central location and more robust application.
  2. Process standardization. Banregio’s processes and calculations needed to be
    organized and managed more efficiently, then incorporated into newly defined
  3. Operations. Banregio needed to build out a plan for standard operating procedures
    for evaluating process performance and efficiency.
  4. Project Management. Institution wanted to provide its customers with the ability
    to track the progress of its claims.
  5. Customer Service. Finally, Banregio wanted to reduce its response times to
    customer inquiries to improve the customer experience.


Using ProcessMaker’s workflow, Banregio implemented an online app that would
service the customer’s investments. Administrative personnel created forms that
would automatically be routed onto its appropriate path to provide quick and
efficient response times.

Additionally, ProcessMaker allowed retail store customers to easily file and track their
claims and concerns. Banregio integrated its Pentaho reports with ProcessMaker,
allowing managers to monitor the average process and customer response times.
Those managers used that information to then evaluate the effectiveness of their

The Value Created

Following the ProcessMaker platform’s integration, Banregio was thrilled with
the results of its 14 new internal request processes. Through an intuitive graphical
interface and automated claims, the institution created quicker turnaround times. As
a result, its customer satisfaction soared.

Banregio migrated customer data to standardized formats in a new central
location. It also standardized internal file requests and processing. Managers can
now make timely data-driven decisions by using dashboards that show the status of
information processing. Bank employees and customers can also see where their
requests are in the process lifecycle.

On the ProcessMaker platform, Banregio has greatly standardized its processes and
improved transparency within the institution. This immediate access to information
has created greater customer satisfaction, leading to more confidence in Banregio
among its customer base.

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