Automate and optimize manufacturing operations

Better interoperability among systems, people and equipment helps improve operational agility. ProcessMaker helps manufacturers find continued growth opportunities while maintaining control over costs.

Digital Prescriptive Maintenance

Prescriptive maintenance taps the power of IoT and dynamic case management to help machines and equipment become proactive participants in their own maintenance.

Streamline Service Operations

ProcessMaker is engineered to automate across silos, finally connecting your field service teams to your front-end channels to your back-office operations.

Deliver Seamless After-Sales Service

Great business relationships require fast, seamless after-sales service. If a customer or partner contacts you with a problem, you can route them to the right agent to solve it.

Automate Your Manufacturing Workflows

Access Requests

Project Requests

Work Orders

Facility Relocation

Security Incident Reporting

Purchase Requisition

Capital Expense Request

Contract Management

Quote Automation

Quote Automation

Design and automate workflows to generate custom quotes in appropriate formats with efficient quote management tools.

Reduce Paperwork

Reduce Paperwork

Easily manage a whole set of documents - contracts, invoices, letters, policies and requirements.

Service Management

Service Management

Provide more efficient and effective service with a holistic view of your customers across all channels.

Valeo Case Study

Valeo Case Study

Valeo, a global automotive industry supplier, wins the prestigious 2017 Excellence in BPM Award from the Workflow Management Coalition (WFMC) using ProcessMaker. Today, Valeo leverages ProcessMaker on a global scale across its entire enterprise.

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