Provide better, personalized and timely products and services through the power of automation

Automate new account setups, user predictive analytics to suggest personalized products and services, extract data using Optical Character Recognition for ID verification.

Automate customer onboarding

Streamline the customer onboarding process with KYC (Know Your Customer) processes.

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Fraud detection and prevention

Ai-powered automation monitors transactions in real-time to flag suspicious activities and can generate reports on irregularities or anomalies in transaction patterns.

Financial reporting gets a turbo-boost

Generate financial reports and statements on established timelines and approval chains through automation. Design and deliver automated reminders and follow-ups for outstanding accounts payable and receivables.

Automate Financial Services Workflows

Finance teams can improve efficiency, accuracy, and compliance through process automation:

Customer Onboarding

Financial Approvals & Reporting

Portfolio management

ID verification / KYC

PO and non-PO invoice processing

Collections reminders

Expense management and reporting

Policy governance

MDP Case Study

MDP Case Study

Learn how ProcessMaker empowered MDP to reduce human errors by 75% in proposal generation. Reducing these human errors assists MDP in quality assurance, protecting the profit margins of its core business, automating processes for easier replication and deployment, and providing an easy-to-use solution to design workflows within its company.


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Discover how leading organizations utilize ProcessMaker to streamline their operations through process automation.

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