Advancing Traditional BPM into Artificial Intelligence

Over the past few decades, business process management (BPM) has proven itself as a near miracle worker of productivity. BPM has helped thousands of organizations systematize and automate repeatable tasks, gain control of internal processes, and scale with changing customer preferences. Just as BPM empowers an organization to better adapt to change, BPM itself is undergoing its own metamorphosis as organizations are replacing their legacy BPM software. Intelligent business process management (iBPM) is the next evolution of BPM, building on the best of BPM by adding artificial intelligence into the mix. For every business, iBPM ushers in a new era of smarter, more connected, and forward-thinking process management tools to grapple with the complex, big data of the future. 

What is traditional business process management? 

Traditional business process management (BPM) sits as royalty amongst the top productivity strategies. The practice empowers organizations to take the reins of their processes. By standardizing workflows and eliminating untraceable manual behaviors, BPM gives organizations crystal-clear visibility into how they conduct business. Armed with this new perspective,  organizations can fix bottlenecks, fine tune processes, and ensure all activity remains focused around main objectives. 

How does iBPMS improve upon BPM?

BPM platforms generate a staggering amount of data. From collating employee behavior to collecting customer data, and analyzing how users interact with various services, organizations are home to extremely large data sets. Intelligent business process management software (iBPMS) takes this challenge head on by facilitating the real-time processing of complex data and accelerating the gap between insight and action.

To make this possible, iBPMS revolves around “low-code”: tools that make it easy for your team to build workflows that capture next-level data. Featuring drag-and-drop tools and powerful visual editors, iBPMS make it easier than ever to handle data-heavy processes and solve increasingly complex problems in no-time. 

How does iBPMS use artificial intelligence to build on BPM?

iBPMS is the kingpin when it comes to tackling the modern challenges of big data. Using artificial intelligence, iBPMS opens up the next generation of opportunities for your business. 

Rapidly assess complex data sets to make real-time decisions

iBPMS eliminates the gap between receiving incoming data and a system’s reaction. In the past, systems would aggregate data over time and make decisions on a fixed schedule—like a Point-of-Sale system that waits until the day’s end to calculate final numbers. While this time delay works for some situations, next generation tech requires a tighter turnaround. 

A self-driving car requires instant reaction time as traffic starts to slow. Modern banking systems need systems that can immediately flag suspicious transactions. iBPMS shrinks your reaction window by leveraging artificial intelligence to assess the continuous influx of complex data and make lightning-quick decisions. 

Gain visibility into even the most granular activities

BPM platforms are experts in automating predictable, repeatable processes. However, not every event follows a fixed cascade of steps. Enter ‘case management,’ or the advanced analysis tools for assessing these more unpredictable behaviors. Case management is the flip-side of the “one-size-fits-all” information processing coin and allows organizations to make more granular, one-off decisions. 

iBPMS is the backbone of case management, creating an actionable ecosystem of information from various sources like user-submitted videos, social media messaging, and virtual agent chat logs. Instead of a disconnected trove of nebulous data, iBPMS can quickly assign meaning to incoming information. When a behavior diverges from the norm, a case manager has immediate access into the full dossier of activity—so they can make the right decision quickly.

Seize ground-breaking IoT opportunities 

The list of gadgets, sensors, processes, and systems clamoring for attention is getting crowded. From light bulbs to alarm systems, everything is getting smarter. More and more of these devices are signing online, heaping a new burden of data on your business process management platforms. 

iBPMS increases the interpretive capacity of BPM, allowing these new-age entrants to integrate seamlessly into your end-to-end processes. Hundreds of warehouse sensors can adjust inventory in real time and loading dock scales can automatically log incoming shipments. iBPMS leverages its immense computing power to analyze and react to the expansive and diverse data sets of IoT ecosystems. 

Future-proof your organization with advanced process simulations

This explosive influx of data and IoT devices and sensors puts new demands on business systems. With a growing list of inputs, systems need a way to model and predict increasingly complex process behaviors. 

iBPMS is the foundation for running complex process modeling. The technology is capable of replicating your entire ecosystem to create a digital twin of even the most sophisticated processes. Leveraging real-time processing power with artificial intelligence, iBPMS can run hundreds and even thousands of simulations to ensure your organization is well-prepared for every possible outcome. 

The future of business is marked by the proliferation of “more”—more data, more devices, more processes. Is your team ready to take on the challenge? iBPM helps your organization keep pace with the inrush, by empowering you with the tools you need to analyze, manage, and act on the next generation of data.  Download our whitepaper, Accelerating digital transformation with low-code BPM

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Advancing Traditional BPM into Artificial Intelligence

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