ProcessMaker Training

Build skills that maximize employee potential and process efficiency.

Process Designer

The Process Designer course caters to users who need to create seamless, perfectly orchestrated workflows for their companies without a background in programming or development.

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Process Architect

Learn all the skills of the business analyst but also learn how to go beyond 100% No Code in order to take advantage of additional and more sophisticated Low Code tools such as custom scripting, API connectivity, and business rules.

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UX Expert

The User Experience Expert course greatly enhances the potential of companies to improve and monitor their efficiency by teaching users how to create informative charts and graphics leveraging request data.

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Get Certified as a ProcessMaker Professional

Get Certified as a ProcessMaker Professional

Get access to the certification tests to become certified as a professional ProcessMaker Process Designer, Process Architect, and / or UX Expert. All certified professionals receive a printable certificate for each title reached and are included in the official ProcessMaker Professional Directory.

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Join Our Free Q&A Sessions

Join Our Free Q&A Sessions

We offer monthly free Q&A sessions, delivered by highly experienced certified ProcessMaker trainers, for all training users. These sessions are perfect for solving any additional inquiries related to the product and available training materials.

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Custom Training

Need personalized training for your organization? Our training team has you covered. Contact us to find a custom solution to your training needs.

Online Training

Enjoy our free on-demand training courses available and accelerate your process automation knowledge from novice to advanced and eventual certification.

Choose the training that works best for you

ProcessMaker provides educational resources--instructor led, self paced, or online training--and certification to help you stay competitive.

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