Renaissance Construction

Renaissance Construction

Fast Facts

Country: St Petersburg, Russia
Industry: Construction
Workflows Implemented to Date: 25
Workflow ImplementationTime: 2 months 
End Users: 550+

"Before Processmaker, we were reading the newspapers first when we came to the work in the morning. Now, we are looking at our to-do lists. ProcessMaker has changed our habits"

Cenk Duzyol, CEO
Renaissance Construction

Renaissance Construction, established by a 26 year-old Turkish civil engineer in 1994, builds shopping centers, airports, factories, cement plants, offices, hotels, marinas and hydroelectric plants as a general contractor or equity investor in 7 different countries around the world. The company's global workforce posed several challenges to the human resources department, particularly in handling the company's numerous paper-based request workflows.


  • Workflows required HR personnel to collect multiple signatures from different managers in the organization.
  • HR was overwhelmed by queries from personnel regarding the state of their requests. To respond to requests HR personnel needed to make calls to many different people in the organization to determine the state of their requests.
  • Paper-based requests were forgotten on desks or lost.
  • Managers traveled a lot between construction sites from city by city and sometimes, country by country. When a manager was on a long business trip or on the vacation, requests waited on the manager's desk, instead of proceeding through the appropriate workflow.


Paper-based forms were replaced with ProcessMaker dynaforms and automated workflows that collected the required signatures. Personnel could now check the status of their requests in ProcessMaker, eliminating the numerous calls that were previously required. With the ProcessMaker system, requests would no longer be lost or forgotten on desks. Because ProcessMaker is web-based, Managers could continue the workflows with an internet connection while they were on the road. The following HR processes were automated with ProcessMaker:

  • Job Position Request
  • Personnel Request
  • Job Position Change
  • Wage Change
  • Bonus Payment
  • Vacation Request
  • Transfer Request
  • Business Trip Request
  • Business Discharge Request
  • Daily Vacation Request
  • Team Change
  • Sick List Resting
  • Official Warning

Additional Features / Customizations

As part of the project, a document management system was also implemented. The document management system, KnowledgeTree, fully integrated with ProcessMaker, automatically stored all documents related to the process. 


  • Increased response time for personnel checking on the status of their requests.
  • Decreased time necessary for each request, due to the use of dynaforms and the automated collection of signatures.
  • Decreased incidents of lost reports
  • Decreased inefficiency due to the paper-based processes.

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