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Student application processes and other education workflows

Educational institutions face a unique set of process challenges today that can be greatly improved using an educational process automation solution such as ProcessMaker. Educational Institutions have the need to automate core processes such as Student Enrollment or Student application workflows. There are also needs to automate the application process for student loans or the scholarship application workflow.

These institutions must work with budget constraints, manage many different resources to deliver services to students, and adhere to government regulations. Activities pass through a rigid workflow for review and approval by different academic and administrative stakeholders. ProcessMaker BPM software can be used by large universities to simplify their procedures and deliver excellent service to its students.

Diploma Requests, Student Onboarding Workflows, and other Education related workflow and business process solutions

Education Workflows & Processes

  • Diploma requests
  • Transcript requests
  • Financial aid applications
  • Student applications
  • Student onboarding
  • Student housing applications
  • Financial aid distribution
  • Course scheduling and enrollment
  • Class roster processing
  • Class registrations
  • Degree progress tracking
  • Teacher Evaluations and Promotions
  • Teacher Evaluations and Ascensions
  • Scholarship applications
"ProcessMaker has given us the ability to centralize all the information regarding all of our inbound requests."
— Rosa Elena Restrepo, Head of the Human Resources Department, National University in Medellin, Colombia
"The implementation of ProcessMaker allowed to students, teachers and administrative members access to information of university agreements easily, quickly and effectively."
— Pedro Pallares, Head of Systems Development, Autonomous State University of Mexico
"ProcessMaker has provided a foundation for our company to rapidly customize workflows for U.S. school districts."
— James Spicuzza, Founder/CEO, EdAutomate
"Using ProcessMaker, we have simplified the complexity at Sirius College."
— Hulusi Turgut, Director of Operations