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Streamline campus operations & enhance the student experience with our intelligent automation platform

  • Automate student services and mission-critical campus operation workflows
  • Integrate with your existing systems to future-proof and enhance their capabilities
  • Maximize productivity by allowing your team to focus on high-value activities

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“A lot of our processes involved paper, walking around, a lot of back-and-forths. Both time and money were wasted. Now everything can be done at the click of a button.”

- Elgin Bryant, CUNY Law School

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ProcessMaker for Higher Education: critical capabilities

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Intelligent Process

Boost business efficiency with an AI-powered decision engine and workflow automation

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Seamless Integration
with Existing Systems

Integrate with your SIS, back office, and legacy systems

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Intelligent Document
Processing (IDP)

Unlock insights from unstructured data with automated data extraction and classification

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ProcessMaker Higher Ed Features

ProcessMaker BPA platform offers an extensive list of enterprise-grade features for streamlining and orchestrating processes. It facilitates designing, running, reporting, and optimizing business processes, enhancing productivity while reducing costs.

Higher Education Process Automation Made Easy

Experience the unique capabilities of AI combined with our robust decision engine and workflow automation suite to unlock your workforce Hyper-Productivity.


Solutions for Registration and Academics

Transform your transfer credit evaluation into a digital experience with forms and screens for your faculty and staff


Go beyond basic workflow automation with intelligent automation

Go beyond basic workflow automation with intelligent automation

Unlock Hyper-Productivity

Enable end-to-end process automation with a platform giving you access to AI-powered Business Process Automation (BPA), Intelligent Documentation Automation (IDP), Decision Engine, and API Integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Higher education institutions can harness ProcessMaker to streamline numerous administrative processes like student admissions, course registration, financial aid disbursement, faculty evaluations, and more. The result is a smoother, more organized workflow and improved student and staff experience.

Absolutely. ProcessMaker boasts rigorous security features in line with industry and educational standards. It offers role-based access, encryption, audit logs, and more, ensuring the protection and confidentiality of students' and faculty's sensitive information.

ProcessMaker is designed with integration in mind. It supports APIs, allowing seamless integration with existing Student Information Systems (SIS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), and other crucial platforms in educational settings.

Certainly, ProcessMaker is highly adaptable, enabling educational institutions to tailor the platform to their unique processes, regulations, and academic community demands.

While the implementation timeframe can differ based on specific institutional needs and the intricacy of processes to be automated, many educational institutions begin witnessing results in weeks to a few months post-implementation.

Yes, ProcessMaker possesses tools and features to ensure institutional processes comply with local and international educational standards. It provides transparency, robust reporting, and traceability, making compliance monitoring and validation straightforward.

ProcessMaker offers extensive support options tailored to the unique challenges of the educational sector, including thorough documentation, online communities, expert services, and dedicated support teams.

ProcessMaker is constructed to scale vertically and horizontally, ensuring it meets educational institutions' growth dynamics and changing process demands.

Indeed, there are multiple case studies detailing the successes of higher education institutions worldwide that have leveraged ProcessMaker for enhanced operational efficiency and improved academic workflows. These can be accessed on the ProcessMaker website or by reaching out to their team.

Pricing is often based on user count, desired customizations, and any extra modules needed. When Connecting with ProcessMaker's sales division for a customized quote, considering potential educational discounts, is advisable.

ProcessMaker frequently updates to enrich functionality, bolster security, and refine performance. These updates are introduced via a systematic release process, enabling institutions to test and validate new changes before full-scale implementation.

Discover how leading organizations utilize ProcessMaker to streamline their operations through process automation.

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