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In this Purchase Order Process, the requester first creates a Purchase Order through ProcessMaker by filling out a Purchase Order form. Then, the Purchase Order form is automatically routed to their supervisor for review. If the supervisor approves the purchase order, then an email notification is sent to the vendor for approval. If the vendor approves the purchase order, then ProcessMaker generates a contract for both parties to sign. Finally, after the goods are received from the vendor, the requester checks the goods and closes out the purchase order. 

Part I

To start a request in ProcessMaker 4, the requester simply clicks the REQUEST button in the upper right corner of the page. Then, to start a request of the Purchase Order Process, they simply click the START button. This takes them to the Purchase Order form, where they can fill in information about the items they wish to purchase for their department. After filling in the relevant details, they can then submit the Purchase Order form for review by their supervisor.

Part 2

After the requester submits the Purchase Order form, the request is automatically routed to their supervisor, who will find the request in their inbox after logging in. From the inbox, the supervisor can open the request and review all of the details about the Purchase Order submitted by the requestor. Then, after reviewing the Purchase Order, the supervisor can either send it back to the requestor for any necessary revisions, or send the purchase order to the vendor by clicking the checkbox. To send the request to the next step, the supervisor simply clicks the submit button and ProcessMaker takes care of the rest.

Part 3

When the Purchase Order is approved, it is then sent to the vendor via an automatic email sent from ProcessMaker. All the vendor needs to do is simply open the email and either approve or deny the purchase order request. This way, the originator does not need to create a ProcessMaker user for vendors and external users can easily participate in approvals. If the purchase order is denied by the vendor, it is sent back to the requestor. In the case it is approved, then ProcessMaker automatically generates a purchase order agreement in the next step of the process.

Part 4

When a participant of the Purchase Order process logs back into ProcessMaker, they will find the purchase order agreement ready for them. All they need to do is find the document under the Files tab and then download the PDF, where they will find all of the information from the request automatically input in the document - no need to manually fill out any fields.

Part 5

After receiving the items from the vendor, the requester can check that the order was filled correctly and add any comments about the delivery to the electronic form. At the bottom of the form, the requester can check the outstanding amount owed to the vendor and enter the relevant payment information into the fields. Finally, after completing the form, the requester can submit the form and close out the purchase order. This wraps up the Purchase Order process - fully automated by ProcessMaker.

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