What is Photo/Video Capture: Summer Release Features

82 years of video and 3.2 billion images circulate the internet daily. Against the din of video game streams and biohacking tutorials are millions of multimedia files vital to how you conduct business. From insurance claims to banking and support desks, offering streamlined ways for customers to share and upload visuals is a process automation must-have.

ProcessMaker’s new Photo/Video Capture tool makes it easier than ever to request, collect, and analyze multimedia files from your users. Let’s see how this new ProcessMaker’s 2023 Summer Release feature can reinvent how you process visual data.

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Why business processes need Photo/Video Capture

Struggling to pull various file types into a cohesive record? A customer might submit an initial request through a text-only form. But then they follow up with photos and videos through email, scattering vital content across several channels. This manual, disorganized approach can make it impossible for your team to get a clear picture of incident reports, new applications, and customer requests.

Add a user-friendly button for users to submit visuals from a desktop or mobile device. They can capture live content or upload pre-recorded images and clips directly into a form. Quick access to files like .jpeg, .png, .mp4, .mov, and more, improves processes like:

  • Claims processing
  • Identity verification
  • Warranty claims
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • IT helpdesks
  • Quality control
  • Property management
  • Remote work and collaboration

The ability to send documents or share a real-time peek into an incident streamlines richer decision-making and strengthens recordkeeping.

How ProcessMaker Photo/Video Capture improves business processes

You’ve likely received a photo from a Photo/Video Capture workflow this very week. Delivery drivers now snap your package waiting at your doorstep. Upload a government ID to your favorite social media platform to announce you’re a real user vs. a pesky bot. How can Photo/Video Capture benefit your business?

Boost collaboration

With ProcessMaker Photo/Video Capture, key information is always readily available in one dashboard. Team members don’t have to sift through email inboxes, message threads, or shared folders to track down what they need.

Improve customer satisfaction

In some industries, like mortgage lending, poor data collection pushes organizations to re-request information from a third of their customers. Redundant back-and-forth tanks onboarding goals, and frustrates new customers.

Automate data entry

Use photo and video capture to automate entry of data into your systems. Combined with technologies like Optical Character Recognition, you can pluck serial numbers from product images and automatically populate data fields. Or, try ProcessMaker AI Invoice Processing to pull data from invoices into an ERP.

Save time

Integrating photos and videos into workflows saves time that users otherwise spend crafting detailed—and sometimes inaccurate—descriptions of incidents. For instance, with ProcessMaker Photo/Video capture, a maintenance worker can take a picture of a completed job instead of filling out a lengthy report.

Make better decisions

Imperfect information leads to poor decisions. According to one study, 80% of companies draw conclusions based on bad data. ProcessMaker gives users clear instructions on what images or videos they need the first time. This creates an airtight, fact-based record for review.

Secure storage

The new tool can collect sensitive and personal information with the utmost care, per HIPAA and NPI standards. ProcessMaker’s ISO 27001 certification underscores its commitment to handling incoming images and video safely and securely.

ProcessMaker’s Photo/Video Capture maximizes the value of photos and videos within your workflows, turning visual data into actionable insights.

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See for yourself! Try out the latest features of ProcessMaker Platform for free.

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How to add Photo/Video Capture to ProcessMaker Workflows

You can easily drop the Photo/Video Capture button from the Video and Images control panel into a form.

  • Allow users to upload from their gallery, take a new still, clip, or both.
  • Users can view a preview of their content and re-take as needed.
  • You can also determine whether the step is mandatory or optional.

The quick-upload button gives users the one-tap ability to share visual data with you. Customers won’t have to use various attachments or platforms to submit relevant content.

See Photo/Video Capture in an insurance workflow

When you review hundreds of thousands of incident reports per year, multimedia is the tent pole of your decision-making.

ProcessMaker worked with an insurance provider that works with community organizations like youth clubs and summer camps.

Incident reporters would submit initial information, but video and images would come through via email when camp representatives finally found access to a PC. This made it challenging to track down the full record of an incident in a timely fashion.

With ProcessMaker Photo/Video Capture, the insurance provider added an easy upload button to their incident forms. Through their smartphones, users could intuitively attach multimedia to a report directly from the scene of an incident.

Back-end systems organize photos, videos, and audio into a single source of truth. Comprehensive reports were automatically routed to the right representative, complete with attachments and supporting materials. ProcessMaker Photo Video/Capture gave this team the tools they needed to make prompt decisions without prolonged back-and-forth with incident reporters.

Photo/Video Capture meets artificial intelligence

The integration goes beyond mere attachment functionality and embeds media logically into your most important processes. Automated systems can then steer photos and videos through AI-powered processes. With ProcessMaker, you can tap into computer vision tech, like Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), to extract information from uploaded content.

IDP eliminates manual data entry, like transferring information from sheet to screen. Strip details like names, addresses, and more from snapped tax records, driver’s licenses, or handwritten forms. Instead of just placing a copy in your system, the content becomes editable, searchable, translatable, and usable in other apps or services.

Where can content hidden within images and video go from there? Automatically route data into other processes like document creation, database population, or identify verification to sort out real customers from bad actors. With IDP, you only need to extract data once—and automations can use it over and over throughout your entire tech stack.

Visual data provides insights that text-based data cannot. With ProcessMaker’s new Photo/Video Capture, organizations can tap into the richness of multimedia to improve communication, reduce errors, and further streamline complex processes. For hyperautomation enthusiasts always searching for the next big opportunity for automation, Photo/Video Capture tops the list.


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See for yourself! Try out the latest features of ProcessMaker Platform for free.

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