What Is AI Process Generation?

Introducing ProcessMaker’s groundbreaking innovation: the Text-to-Process feature. This transformative addition signifies a significant stride forward in an era where workplace productivity is paramount. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, platforms offering this advanced technology are at the forefront of democratizing process automation.

This advanced tool helps organizations improve workflows by easily converting written instructions into actionable tasks.

In doing so, ProcessMaker simplifies complex tasks and enhances collaboration and efficiency across teams. Text-to-Process is a game-changer for productivity and business process management, revolutionizing the workplace and setting a new standard.

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AI-Based process models save hours of work

Getting started is the most challenging part of process design. You had to research the process, map out steps, and lay out tasks in a way that would make sense to approving managers.

However, ProcessMaker’s AI Process Generation unleashes a new era of automation by eliminating this obstacle.

a blue illustration of a clock


To begin, just write a few sentences or define a strict set of instructions. Without any programming knowledge or process engineering experience, you can use natural language to get the ball rolling. Just type something like “Create a process to…”:

  • Request a leave of absence
  • Submit a purchase review
  • Approve incoming invoices
  • Generate a PDF file
  • Update mailing address on file
  • Request an exam exemption
  • File a credit card dispute
  • Recommend travel destinations
  • Submit a student financial aid application

You’ll watch each task sequence together into a well-oiled workflow at the click of a button.

Accenture predicts generative AI tools, like this one, will spill over into 40% of working hours, saving significant time and resources across every role.

How AI Process Generation boosts Hyper-Productivity

AI-powered process generation enhances Hyper-Productivity by streamlining various tasks and workflows. Through data analysis and machine learning algorithms, AI can identify bottlenecks, redundancies, and inefficiencies, cutting down the time spent on process mapping. This not only reduces human error but also accelerates decision-making and problem-solving. AI can generate personalized recommendations and automate routine activities, allowing human workers to focus on more creative and strategic tasks.

How to create a new process using AI Process Generation

Artificial intelligence tools helps humans interact with computers in new and exciting ways. Tasks that used to require sophisticated coding language now require something far more accessible: words. The user experience couldn’t be better.

Here’s how to start your first AI-assisted process.

  1. If you’re not a ProcessMaker user yet, you can try out AI Process Generation entirely for free. Just click here.
  2. In the New Process window, click “Generate from Text.”
  3. Describe the process. You can be as brief or detailed as you’d like. Not sure where to start? Pluck an idea from the inspiration rolling below the description box.
  4. Click “Generate.”
  5. Step back and watch as your process comes to life in seconds.
  6. If the first result doesn’t please you, simply adjust your description. Add steps, reorganize the task order, or clarify elements. You can always roll back the clock to previous iterations in the History tab.
  7. When you’re happy with your results, click ‘Use this Model’ to transfer your process map to the Process Modeler. You can make screens for users, add integrations, and use ProcessMaker PM Blocks to prepare your process for launching.

Is process mapping not your favorite part of the day? Process mapping without AI is often monotonous; even skeptics agree AI tools can make mundane work feel a bit more exciting, especially regarding intelligent process automation. Chris Dixon’s essay promotes the enjoyment of new technology. It emphasizes that significant innovations are often overlooked and disregarded as mere toys.

process map illustration

So, for your first try, don’t be afraid to toss in something unexpected: create a process to save an imaginary kingdom or get your favorite soccer team to the World Cup. Once you see the magic come together using natural language processing (NLP), you’ll see just how powerful AI Process Generation will be for your business. There’s really no risk of human error here; text-to-process does all the work for you.

How AI generates a process model based on your description

Canva debuts graphic design tools anyone can use to cobble together a quick social media post. Sales executives can toss in a melange of thoughts and watch ChatGPT turn it into a cohesive blog post outline. ProcessMaker’s AI Process Generation is the lowest-code tool for process development, turning your description into a ready-made workflow specifically for you, and kickstarting your business process automation (BPA) journey.

With AI Process Generation, you can describe a process as strictly or loosely as you’d like. You don’t need to worry about precise phrasing—the ProcessMaker AI engine is a Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) stickler. It will automatically transform your wording into the basic formatting and language experienced process designers prefer.

Let’s see how AI Process Generation treats two different descriptions of a similar process: invoice approval.

Example 1: Create an invoice approval process

a process map for invoice processing

Let’s see how this words-to-workflow changes with a little more detail.

Example 2: Create an invoice approval process, use an automated task to receive the invoice, and extract the information. If the invoice is less than $1,000, then pay the invoice. If the invoice is over $1,000, send for a director’s approval and then pay the invoice. The system should generate a PDF summary and send it to the department head to sign with DocuSign.

a process map for invoice processing

As you can see, ProcessMaker’s AI Process Generation is exceptionally flexible. Type out a rigid roadmap, or try more relaxed directions. You can even ask for it to translate your process into other languages.

The power of AI in process modeling

For modern-day humans, software is a medium for our daily lives. “Ideas but no coding experience” is a common refrain. Making a phone call, counting your steps, or asking Alexa for the weather makes up our digital ether. But gaining the most potential out of computers requires a specific technique.

If you’re entrenched in the tech industry, it’s hard to remember: less than 1% of the online population knows how to code. Unless you knew a programming language, the world you lived in was a realm you had little control over—despite the big ideas you harbored.

Artificial intelligence is crumbling usage barriers in all areas of business. The demand for apps, forms, and self-service tools outpace most development teams. According to ZDNet, three-quarters of IT leaders say the work backlog thwarts their efforts to pursue new strategic initiatives.

The fix? McKinsey urges every company to ‘think like a software company.’

Artificial intelligence is a battering ram at the door, smashing through many obstacles that keep humans from making the most of computers. Generative AI unveils a new level of low-code and no-code tools ready to roll out the red carpet of development to the 99% of non-technical users, called citizen developers.

illustration of a brain

Marketing managers, sales executives, customer service representatives—anyone on your team now has the power to bring their big ideas to life. It’s one reason why Accenture predicts Generative AI will play a part in 63% of workday tasks. We’ve all chatted out loud with a co-worker, “If only I had something that worked like this.” With that description alone, you can magically bring your vision to life with AI Process Generation.

Start your first AI-generated process

Hundreds, if not thousands, of additional employees, are ready to pitch in on tech projects in every organization. Low-code and no-code tools, like AI Process Generation, welcome this new set of helping hands into the fold. Instead of a handful of staffers able to design processes, you suddenly have an armada.

Try out ProcessMaker’s AI Process Generation tool today—no credit card, download, or account creation required!

Chat with our expert team to learn more about how you can leverage intelligent automation.

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