Top 10 Business Process Automation Tools

Katherine Manning June 30, 2021 Business Process Automation


Business process automation is transforming organizational operations, facilitating the ability to do more with less while scaling in alignment with business growth. In this article, we list the top 10 business process automation tools to build greater resiliency and help take your company to new heights.


Asana is a project management tool that offers manager-centric and worker-centric features. It’s simple user interface streamlines project management in a way that encourages usage and interaction. Concerning security, Asana offers SSO, 2FA, and advanced granular permissions. For management and planning, Asana provides premade templates, a shared team calendar, task scheduler, task prioritization, and repetitive task automation. It also provides report dashboards for project insights, file sharing manually or via drag-and-drop, and comment sections under every task. 


For organizations that require scalability, ProcessMaker is an intelligent low-code BPM and business process automation platform. Using its filtered search feature, you can quickly build customizable charts and reports. You can also share your charts and reports with specified end-users. For custom scripts, ProcessMaker comes with a scripting engine that supports JavaScript, Java, C#, and more. To check syntax, it provides BPMN syntax checking and process error validation. As a result, you can improve visibility and orchestration of end-to-end automated processes organization-wide. Not to mention, end-users can design and re-design as many automated processes as they want.


ActiveBatch is a low-code platform designed to orchestrate automated workflows. It’s event-driven architecture supports message queues, tweets, FTP file events, email, and more. Task scheduling is also flexible based on business day and time. It offers bi-directional integrations with System Center Service Manager and ServiceNow to manage automated tickets. You can also use APIs to connect to any service, app, or server. In addition, it provides features such as modeling and in-depth monitoring.


Kissflow offers a lightweight approach to business process automation. It’s a suite with over 50 applications to manage vendor payments, purchase orders, employee onboarding, and even mileage reimbursements. End-users can customize these apps too. Further, Kissflow offers forms for capturing data as well as activity reports and system sequences. As a collaboration suite, it provides Zapier-supported SaaS integration. You can also attach files from Dropbox and Google Docs with multi-language support. And, there are no limits to how many applications an end-user can create.


Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management automation tools on the market today. It offers the most comprehensive list of social network integrations with over 150 apps on the Hootsuite App Discovery store. It also has a user-friendly interface for quick onboarding. You can connect multiple accounts quickly, including YouTube. Hootsuite is an effective social media management tool for organizations that communicate on a large number of social networks. You can also work with the Hootsuite API to customize your integrations and enhance interoperability.


Organizations use Basecamp as an online collaboration tool. It’s flexible because it supports a wide variety of integrations. Basecamp’s prominent features include deadline, file, task, announcement, and discussion tracking. Consider a virtual hub for company teams, useful in a remote working environment. Concerning workplace hubs, Basecamp is the most agile and robust. While it can emphasize project management, it was not designed to facilitate projects. However, it does excel at discussion management which can help expedite projects.

Comindware Tracker

Comindware Tracker is an automated SaaS platform that helps to streamline issue tracking, communications, project management, workflow management, HR management, resource utilization, and more. Every feature is also customizable. For instance, Comindware Tracker has a Graphical Workflow Builder to design and customize workflows using a drag-and-drop interface. Concerning issue tracking, you can follow up on critical alerts about customers, vendors, and partners. Additionally, Comindware Tracker has a Human Resources Management (HRM) to manage hiring, vacations, employee transfers, warnings, and termination.


LaserFiche is an automated content management platform that works to sort through the digital clutter. It offers a simple, user-friendly interface for routing and tracking digital documents on a daily schedule. Using AI-driven workflows and analytics, end-users can digitally capture and organize documents company-wide. It also provides features such as forms, reports, and task management.


The Quu tool is designed to automate content research and marketing. But, it is not a HootSuite replica. Invariably, researching relevant content for targeted audiences is time consuming. Quu automates the repetitive process by sending alerts of high-quality content in your preferred niche everyday. The notifications include links to podcasts, articles, videos, blog posts, and more. There are three options for content: Hand-curated, Discovery, and Pods by Quu. Once you receive your daily set of content, you can use a tool like HootSuite to schedule. 


TrackVia is a well-designed low-code development platform that manages workflows. It offers a UI-based drag-and-drop functionality for end-users to build applications and automated processes. The primary focus is on mobile workflows with Zapier integration and responsive dashboards. However, due to default layouts there are limits on customization. In addition, TrackVia could benefit from more third-party app integrations.

In summary

A business process automation tool empowers organizations to reduce human error while automating manual and repetitive tasks. Further, you can access real-time data from a central console. Using ProcessMaker’s intelligent business process management suite (iBPMS), organizations can automate end-to-end workflows while easily orchestrating both human and system activities into automated business processes.

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