ProcessMaker Commitment to You During COVID-19

Dear Customers and Partners,

The global coronavirus pandemic has dramatically altered daily life for all of us, and unfortunately, it looks like it may only be the beginning.  Like all of you, here at ProcessMaker we are busy adjusting to some of the new realities.

Our first priority is and always will be the safety of our employees, customers, and partners.  We understand that we need to take every precaution possible to slow the spread of the pandemic and work with those affected by it directly.

We also understand that ProcessMaker is a vital part of your businesses and operations, and you need assurances regarding our ability to manage what is currently happening with the virus and the even greater levels of disruption that will most likely occur in the near future.

To this end we would like to share the highlights of our contingency and business continuity plans with you.   If you would like access to our full COVID-19 contingency plan, please request it from your support or customer success representative.

Availability of our Global Support Teams and Remote Working

ProcessMaker is a global company with a distributed and highly remote workforce that is accustomed to working across continents and timezones.   Most of our employees already enjoyed extreme flexibility regarding work from home options. All of our employees are equipped to seamlessly connect to work remotely in a productive and secure way.

As a result we do not anticipate any changes to the way our business will operate as we move to an even more remote team configuration.  Your support services should not suffer any interruptions as a result.

Team Redundancy

We believe that we have sufficient redundancy across all our teams to be able to continue to provide support in the event that a significant number of our team members were to become temporarily incapacitated due to the virus.  Thanks to our heavy focus on remote work and our distributed offices, we also do not anticipate that all of our employees would potentially fall ill at the same time. We are strong enough as a company and have sufficiently large teams to cover for employees and knowledge requirements in the unfortunate event that our workers begin to fall ill.

Availability of our Cloud Platform

ProcessMaker hosts its primary cloud platform on AWS and also uses other leading cloud platforms.  Our testing, deployment, and monitoring all use the most automated and up-to-date systems. We do annual disaster recovery testing and planning, and we feel we are well prepared to continue to offer service during the current outbreak.  We are in constant communication with our upstream connectivity and hosting providers to ensure that we are monitoring their situation and any effect it may have on us and our clients.


ProcessMaker’s core engineering teams have not stopped working.  We anticipate no slowdown in our ability to innovate and continue to grow our product during the outbreak and beyond.  We understand, in fact, that many of our clients are now under even greater pressure to be more innovative than before just to survive.  We believe that ProcessMaker will play a key role as the world looks to add automation and accountability to an ever growing number of its core processes.

Financial Stability

ProcessMaker does not depend on any outside investors or markets. We have zero debt and zero long term financial obligations.   We are a profitable and healthy company with a healthy balance sheet. We have been preparing for the potential downswing of markets for several years now, and we believe we are well prepared for it.  We take a very conservative view regarding our cash management, and we firmly believe in maintaining profitable operations.

Helping You to Thrive

As social distance becomes the new normal in much of the world, we realize that digital transformation and process automation will become ever more important to you and your respective businesses.  ProcessMaker is committed to producing and supporting its world class process automation software. We are very grateful for the role we play in your lives and work, and remain as committed as ever to ensuring your success. We wish you, your colleagues, and your families stay safe, well, and positive during these challenging times.

Track Your COVID-19 Symptoms Daily with

ProcessMaker is committed to helping stop the spread of COVID‑19. is for both confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases to register and track their symptoms daily so that the world can better see how fast the virus is spreading.

With the deepest gratitude,

The ProcessMaker Team

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