ProcessMaker 3.2 Workflow Software – Released!

We are excited to announce the release of ProcessMaker 3.2 BPM and Workflow Software!

Having the ability to connect your BPM & Workflow Software to external systems is a clear way of optimizing how your company operates. In this new version, we have added the Connector Library. Well, actually the library was sort of there in 3.1, but we finished it and polished it up for 3.2 and now it is ready to use. The Connector Library allows you to search for and download connectors that you want to use to integrate your ProcessMaker processes with external systems. We are going to be adding tons and tons of cool connectors with lots of technology partners. Oh, and if we don’t have one, add your own! It only takes a few minutes to add a RESTful service so try it out.

Our Service Task is another awesome feature. In ProcessMaker, the current way of connecting to external systems is by using API calls inside triggers. That works great for the technical geeks out there, but it drives business analysts a bit crazy because they can’t see it in the process map. A service task makes the connection to a third party system very visually explicit, making for a better overall mapping experience, and making it easier for everyone to see what the process actually does. A Service Task is where you will make calls to the connectors that you want to use from the Connector Library. So, say goodbye to programming triggers to integrate external resources into your process. Now, you can just drag and drop a connector onto your process map.

Have you seen how cool our Data Reporting Tools are? These tools were introduced in 3.1, and hopefully, you have already discovered them. In ProcessMaker 3.2, they are way better than any other reporting tool we have ever produced, so kudos to our Product Management and Engineering teams. Of course, we recognized that tabular list reports have only so much sex appeal. Managers want to see graphics and colors, right? Well, now we have what we call a Gadget, which gives you the ability to present your workflow data using tables, pie charts and bar charts.

Those are the big three massive additions in 3.2.  Now, for a few of the more technical improvements…

In this version, we are introducing the Object Variable. This is a new type of variable that can be used to store complex data and can be used in triggers and gateway conditions.  Object Variables are also used to get the data returned from service task execution and can handle complex data returned from external resources as well. Object Variable data is stored in the application data store like any other variable.

ProcessMaker 3.2 also comes with improved Logs. Now, all your case execution steps are fully logged. These logs can be used as a development tool, and include information about thrown errors,  trigger or SQL executions, as well as the time of execution. The logs now record all the execution steps of your process so you can track the progress of your process.

Read the entire release notes for ProcessMaker 3.2.

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Don’t forget to sign up for the webinar: ProcessMaker 3.2 – Product Launch Webinar.

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