Data Reporting Tools

Generating reports and being able to understand data is key to making informed decisions about your workflow data. In version 3.1 of ProcessMaker we introduced the Scope Builder, which allows users to build and edit custom reports with separate security models using report scopes. We also introduced the new Table Report Designer, which allows users to perform joins on multiple data sets and on the core ProcessMaker application tables. The Table Report Designer works in a responsive user interface built with Kendo UI, which can perform operations inside reports, such as grouping and filtering, and can export reports in Excel and PDF formats.

In ProcessMaker 3.2 we are introducing a new feature called a "Gadget". The gadget allows ProcessMaker to present report information in different ways (e.g. tables, pie charts, bar charts). The report wizard lets the user select the gadget that is going to be used to present the report information.

This is just the beginning of a greater vision of what reporting and dashboards will become in ProcessMaker in the very near future. In the next few versions of ProcessMaker, we will be building upon this very solid foundation to bring you a true enterprise grade set of reporting and analytics tools, which will include the following additional features:

Version 3.3 (Q3 2017)

  • Mixed Reports Designer - Will reuse table and chart reports to create mixed data reports. 
  • Data Reports API - Will allow developers and third party systems to consume data reports through a REST API.
  • Dashboards 2.0 - Adapts a new Dashboard framework to the Data Reporting Tools, which will allow dashboards to be built based on any of the new reports using a dynamic dashboard library.

Version 3.4 (Q4 2017)

  • Data Reports Extensibility - Will provide developers with the ability to extend the Data Reporting Tools using plugins.


Are the new Data Reporting Tools available for ProcessMaker Community Edition?

The Data Reporting Tools are only available in the ProcessMaker commercial editions. The initial phase of the tools are included in Standard, Corporate, and Enterprise Plans.

Which versions of ProcessMaker will work with the new gadgets available with Data Reporting Tools?

Version 3.2+

Please check out our Wiki page for more technical details.