ProcessMaker 3.1 Workflow Software – Released!

ProcessMaker 3.1 was released today.  

We want to thank our dev, test, product, and marketing teams for all their hard work in making this an awesome release.  
As always security and scalability are front and center concerns for us.  We added a cool new log format in this version which will make system administrators and security managers very happy – SIEM exportable logs.  This means that a ProcessMaker log can be fed into your favorite SIEM tool and read along with all of your other critical system logs.

We snuck in a nice but heavily requested feature with the Direct Case Link.  If you need to send a user a link to a case and want them to click on the link and go straight to the case, you can now do so.  You can force a login if you want to do so as well.

Mobile is another area that many of you are watching closely.  Check out the new Off-line Data feature for mobile.  If you are filling out a PM Mobile form and lose connectivity, ProcessMaker will now save the data and allow you to continue when you have connected again later.

Besides the new reporting framework, the other big new feature set is for our customers that use Google Apps and Gmail.  ProcessMaker now has a complete set of connectors for Google Apps including Drive, Calendar, and Sheets.  The Gmail client, though, is particularly interesting.

 ProcessMaker is the first workflow and bpm software in the market to create a native Gmail client integration.  What does this mean? First, it means no clunky embedded process inbox inside Gmail.  Instead, your Gmail IS your Inbox in the ProcessMaker Gmail Client.  Second, it means that you can now search ALL of your case data using Google Search.  Google Search is incredibly powerful and lightning fast.
Read more about these new Enterprise features.
Read the entire release notes for ProcessMaker 3.1
Download ProcessMaker 3.1 Community Edition now!

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