MDP Insurance Wins WfMC Digital Transformation Award with ProcessMaker

wfmc awardCongratulations to Maury, Donnelly and Parr Inc. (MDP) for being named a 2019 WfMC Business Transformation Award winner in the BPM category!  As a provider of specialty insurance solutions for over 150 years, MDP’s digital transformation using the ProcessMaker platform helped them digitize and automate many of their internal workflows, increasing efficiency and reducing human error in the process.

The Project

Despite being the insurance industry standard, MDP’s capabilities lacked in technological delivery. A combination of manual, paper-based workflows, collaboration inefficiencies, and immature software infrastructure created urgent internal issues that needed to be addressed immediately. In order for MDP to continue to provide the best possible value for its clients, its processes needed to go digital.

The Results

The ProcessMaker platform empowered MDP to reduce human errors by 75% in proposal generation. Reducing these human errors assists MDP in quality assurance, protecting the profit margins of its core business, automating processes for easier replication and deployment, and providing an easy-to-use solution to design workflows within its company.
The workflow platform also enabled MDP to minimize the time required to produce and invoice a proposal. The time required to produce proposals was reduced from 45 minutes to 7-12 minutes. This meant not only greater efficiency for the firm, but also had the human impacts of a more focused, satisfied customer experience that could deliver greater value in less time.

Congratulations to Paul LaVardera and the entire team at MDP!

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