5 Ways to Streamline Your Employee Hiring

The employee hiring process can be fraught with difficulty. It involves many steps, requires a certain leap of faith when you finally choose the right candidate for a job, and it’s important to do it right the first time. Hiring mistakes are expensive and waste everyone’s time, so everyone wants to get employee hiring right, and that involves an in-depth assessment of job candidates.

Smart streamlining of employee hiring saves time and prevents poor hiring decisions. It also helps everyone involved in the process feel invested in it, and when hiring is a team decision, it facilitates better communications and eliminates needless time-wasters, like lost paper documents. Here are 5 ways you can streamline employee hiring.

1. Stop Thinking Hiring Technology Is Only for Big Companies
Technology plays an important role in hiring at almost all large companies and most medium-sized ones too. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because you run a small business you can’t benefit from technology designed to make employee hiring better. Even if you don’t invest in an end-to-end recruiting solution, there are almost always steps in the hiring process that can be automated, reducing errors and accelerating progress.

2. Use Apps for Screening
You can find online tools for screening applicants, or you can develop your own. Even if you’ll be reviewing paper resumes, your assessments don’t have to be done on paper. Developing a custom online screening form to screen out unqualified applicants and then using further assessments to narrow down the selection if necessary may not be as difficult as you think, and it’s far more efficient than, say, stacking paper applications into categories.

3. Consider Video Interviews for at Least Some Applicants
Video conferencing technology has made it so you don’t necessarily have to fly to a job candidate’s location or fly the job candidate to you to conduct an interview. While you may insist on a second or final interview taking place in person, holding first interviews via video conference saves everyone time, saves on travel costs, and can be tremendously helpful in narrowing down the field of potential new hires.

4. Use Apps to Automate In-Depth Assessments
For jobs that require specific academic or technical skills, you can use specialty apps to take care of in-depth assessments once you screen out obviously unqualified applicants. These apps, typically administered online, don’t require the supervision of an HR professional, and what’s more, they score the assessments automatically, so nobody from HR has to spend time doing so. You can be presented with an ordered ranking of applicants that saves considerable time.

5. Streamline the On-Boarding Process
The employee hiring process doesn’t stop once you extend an offer that is accepted. You still have to bring that person on board, which involves countless forms and the collection of large amounts of information. Ditching paper in favor of electronic forms that are connected into an overall electronic onboarding workflow is much better for your new employee and for HR, because there are no worries about lost forms, and many can be completed before the new person’s first day.

Automate Where You Can, So You Can Take Time Where You Need To
The employee hiring process is critically important, yet everyone wants it to go as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, rushing the hiring process can result in poor decisions, and then the time and expense involved in replacing an employee. While there are certain parts of the employee hiring process you simply cannot rush, other aspects can be streamlined and automated. You can create custom online forms and workflows for many aspects of your hiring process with a powerful, flexible tool like ProcessMaker.

ProcessMaker is open-source workflow software that’s designed for use by non-programmers, allowing them to create custom forms and workflows from scratch or from one of ProcessMaker’s many built-in templates. It gives you the tools you need to make the employee hiring process as efficient as possible. What’s more, you can download the Community Edition of ProcessMaker or try out the ProcessMaker Enterprise Edition for free. Streamlining the employee hiring process to your exact needs has never been easier.

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