5 Email Workflow Automation Examples

Email workflow automation is a powerful strategy adopted by nearly 70% of marketers; having ascended the throne as a crown favorite of marketing gurus across all industries. Automated emails pack the power to “level up” your email strategy—they garner a staggering 152% higher click-through rate than your traditional eblast-style campaigns. 

Email Workflow Automation

Instead of sending the same one-off newsletter to every contact on your list, using automated workflows, you can set up “tripwires” that automatically trigger tailored content based on a predetermined set of behavioral criteria. For example, a prospect signs up for a white paper, or an account is quickly approaching its expiration date. Once a customer triggers the tripwire, the system automatically launches a series of prepared emails. 

The strategy doesn’t just generate an uptick in marketing metrics, but email automation significantly sways purchasing decisions. Infusing your email strategy with relevant, timely topics based on customer behavior generates 18X more revenue than one-size-fits-all broadcast emails. 

Top ways marketers are using automated email workflows

  • Welcome series: Receive a new signup to your email list? Now’s not the time to go radio silent—start engaging your customer while their enthusiasm is at its peak. Create an automated series that welcomes the new subscriber into your family with industry-relevant tips or featured stories. 
  • Lead nurturing series or drip emails: Did someone download a white paper or case study? Don’t stop there. A drip email can send relevant follow-up content every few days, followed by a capstone email to schedule a consultation or book an appointment. 
  • Webinar invitations and reminders: Trade shows and live speaking engagements used to be a powerful way for marketers to connect with customers, but coronavirus stay-at-home orders immediately squashed these strategies. More and more marketers are now relying on webinars to engage with their customer base. You can use automated workflows to send out registration confirmations, supporting content like ebooks or worksheets, and time-sensitive reminders leading up to the big day.
  • Promotional emails based on browsing habits: Have you ever browsed a banking website for loan or credit card information only to receive an email highlighting the latest deals and rates? Set up tripwires throughout your website that automatically launch email campaigns based on the products or services an account is most interested in.
  • Birthday emails: Give your subscribers a reason to celebrate! Emails that acknowledge a birthday garner a 481% higher transaction rate. Set up automated ‘treat yourself’ emails that feature promotional deals, mystery offers (make them click to reveal!), or highlight new products you know they’ll love.

5 examples of automated email workflows that delight customers and drive revenue

By now, your brainstorming list is overflowing with great ideas for your next automated email campaign. Let’s dive into the creative details that make email workflows a success. 

New subscriber welcome series workflow

A new contact subscribes to your email list or requests a white paper. Now what? Don’t leave them waiting to hear from you until your next scheduled email comes around—start engaging them immediately. 

A welcome email is a powerful way to introduce new subscribers to your brand or organization. It’s no surprise that welcome emails receive nine times more clicks than standard emails—they’re sent when your subscribers interest in your organization is at its highest! 

Content ideas for an automated welcome series workflow:

  • Share the latest or most popular blog posts
  • Showcase your social media channels and ask subscribers to follow
  • Promote upcoming webinars or other events
  • Provide walkthroughs or tips relevant to your industry 

Behavioral tripwires: New email subscriber, content download

Build World-Class Email Workflows

Free trial workflow

Some of the best-in-class software platforms see a 40% of free trial users convert into full-fledged customers. Free trials aren’t a set-it-and-forget-it strategy; you need to continually nurture free trial users to woo their business. 

Content ideas for a free trial automated workflow:

  • Surveys to gather feedback on their experience
  • Links to additional training videos 
  • Showcase useful features they may not know about
  • Frequent reminders as the free trial nears conclusion

Behavioral tripwires: Form submission, free trial download

Webinar registration 

Webinars are a hugely popular way to captivate interested viewers and convert them into paying customers or clients. Even before the digital sea change initiated by the coronavirus pandemic, business leaders rated webinars as one of the top five conversion strategies in the conversion holster. Pairing a powerful webinar with a well-thought out email workflow is the one-two punch few prospects can resist. 

Content ideas for an email workflow targeted at webinar registrants:

  • Registration confirmation that includes call-in info or access links
  • Distribute preparation materials like worksheets or supporting white papers
  • Feature a countdown to webinar day
  • Build hype by spotlighting featured speakers

Behavioral tripwires: Form submission (registered for webinar)

Challenge or Email Course

If you spend anytime on LinkedIn or Facebook, you’ve probably noticed the burgeoning trend of challenges. They typically take the form of short-burst exercises to train you on a new business strategy or tactic. Marketers use challenges to deliver industry-relevant knowledge and cultivate closer, more authentic relationships with customers. Using automated email workflows, they deliver daily emails packed with prompts, video training content, and even homework assignments.

Content ideas for building an email workflow focused on a ‘challenge’:

  • Remind participants of daily live video schedules
  • Distribute worksheets, daily assignments, and training materials
  • Celebrate the accomplishments of fellow challenge students
  • Provide discounts or other promotional offers once the challenge is complete

Behavioral tripwires: Form submission (registered for challenge) 

Re-engage inactive customers

It’s a common business tenet that acquiring a new customer costs nearly 5X as much as nurturing existing ones. Most companies already have a trove of potential clients in their database—many just haven’t engaged in a long period of time. Instead of firing off new PPC or social media ad campaigns, create an automated workflow focused on re-engaging inactive accounts or clients. 

Content ideas for an email workflow targeted at webinar registrants:

  • Announce new product features, patch updates, or versions the customer may have missed
  • Surveys to understand why they stopped using your product or service
  • Share videos or other exciting content to regain their attention
  • Provide a discount or other perk to spark new interest

Behavior tripwires: Elapsed time since previous engagement 

While these are just some of the ways your organization can leverage the power of automated email workflows, the sky is nearly the limit. There are many platforms able to perform simple, linear workflows, but the true opportunities lie in the processes that can link a variety of customer behaviors throughout your system, from website and social media activity, to email engagement and account creation. Platforms like ProcessMaker integrate with all of your systems to deploy the powerful automated email workflows that truly make a difference in your business. With so many possibilities to attract customer attention and create new revenue opportunities, it’s no surprise the email automation has become a strategic darling of the industry. 



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