Digital Transformation in the Registrar's Office

Digital process automation: the central pillar of your digital transformation.

Digital Transformation in the Registrar’s Office

Today, post-pandemic plans for higher education can’t include a path “back to normal.” The pandemic prompted lots of band-aid fixes, but it also presented a lasting lesson: universities need to better prepare for the unknown. Market conditions and societal shifts can send a shattering jolt through preexisting plans. Institutions must be able to react more nimbly than ever before. For most, this transformation starts with digital process automation.

In the Registrar’s Office, DPA helps you create online request forms that are more than just more static paperwork to shuffle around—each form is “in motion.” Forms move through a workflow like an item on a conveyor belt, automatically ushered through the right waypoints while checking off duties that used to require hours of human labor.

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