Expense Report Part 1

How to Run a Process

If we look at the map of this process, we can identify the components of an Expense Report Process.

The starting point is for the originator to simply report expenses and claim a reimbursement.  It has a supervisor approval stage, and the final stage is for the Finance Department of an organization to settle the account.  The originator logs into ProcessMaker and clicks on “New case”. Here we can select the process we’d like to begin. In this case, we start the submitting of an expense.

The originator now completes the fields of the form with the required information regarding the expenses.  Here we can see a grid to make data entry faster. We can add and remove rows of this grid, in order to submit more than one type of expense.

When the user presses “Submit”, he is prompted to upload copies of receipts to backup his expense report.  The originator simply presses “Browse” and navigates to a file on his hard drive that he wishes to attach to the case.  He can also add some notes or comments if he wishes.

Finally, upon submission of the report, a confirmation screen showing the next user is displayed before the user is returned to the inbox.


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