Intelligent Document Processing FAQ

Questions and Answers Regarding IDP

IDP is an AI-driven solution for automated document processing - including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), document classification, data extraction, data search and anonymization.

The solution is cloud-native and combines a complete set of AI features with multiple classification and extraction methodologies, and an intuitive interface.

The benefits for our customers are:

  • Speed - both in terms of deployment and operation
  • Accurate data extraction from best in class OCR with 99% accuracy
  • Comprehensive Reduction of error prone manual tasks, up to 90% task reduction

Compared to other solutions, ProcessMaker IDP solution offers:

  • Superior OCR performance with 99% accuracy
  • A faster time time to value with prepackaged quick-start plug ins
  • Seamless integration with existing applications
  • Most complete set op AI tools for accurate data extraction
  • Comprehensive set of built-in DMS features
  • Outstanding search capabilities
  • Extract contract details - identify expiration dates
  • Customer onboarding at scale without privacy or compliance challenges
  • Build database from legacy reports and disaggregated sources
  • Process violation tickets from traffic camera images
  • Automated verification of dossier completeness
  • Detection and removal of personal information for GDPR compliance

Depending on your situation you can use the built in DMS, a third party DMS or you might be able to skip DMS altogether if you don’t need to save images.

Many customers have a legacy DMS and want to leverage the built in DMS. PM IDP can help you with this decision and any associated migration to our DMS solution.

ProcessMaker IDP comes with modern API’s that allow you to connect to your existing DMS or other applications. Also, ProcessMaker IDP easily connects with your file shares, mail boxes and FTP-server.

The application is cloud native and can also be deployed on prem or in a hybrid configuration.

It can be deployed on any of the major cloud architectures including, but not limited to Azure, AWS, Google, Oracle and others.

There is a native integration with ProcessMaker or you can operate independently.

Obviously it will depend on the project. If you start with a first use case and a first document type, you can be live within a day.

It will depend on the complexity of the document, sensitivity or criticality of the application and amount of manual effort required.

There is no real lower limit for complex documents with many fields and data to be extracted.

The threshold for simpler documents would be >100 pages/daily.

ProcessMaker IDP is available as a subscription with a volume based price model (amount of pages processed per annum). Contact our team who will assist you with pricing questions based on your needs and existing setup.

Yes, ProcessMaker IDP is ideally suited for running a POC, and typically requires only 3-5 days to set up and train with real customer documents.

(note: of course depending on what the customer wants to achieve in the POC).

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