PROCESSMAKER IDPPowerful, AI-driven solutions for automated document processing

Thursday, November 3rd at 11am ET / 8am PT

No more tedious manual document processing or lost data points. With ProcessMaker IDP automated data extraction, every document becomes a new opportunity.

Learn how intelligent document processing extracts information from structured and unstructured documents such as PDFs, handwritten forms, emails, images, and invoices. Unstructured data doubles every 90 days—so don’t miss your chance to get ahead of it.

Billions of documents processed. It’s time for artificial intelligence to make it easier to analyze yours.

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    Just because you can read it doesn’t mean computers can

    Process large volumes of documents with unparalleled accuracy, regardless of its complexity and variety. Using ProcessMaker IDP, your systems can read PDFs, handwritten forms, emails, images, and invoices like a barcode, feeding data points directly into your workflows.

    Turn all information into machine-readable text

    ProcessMaker IDP leverages advanced machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision technologies to become your digital eyes and ears, making sense of data typically hidden deep in your information systems.

    Find Success Fast

    It’ll take longer to manually analyze your next document batch than to get started with ProcessMaker IDP. You’ll earn a positive ROI in less than 10 months—and you can get up and running in a matter of weeks.

    With ProcessMaker IDP...
    Improve search quality and findability. Employees can instantly search attachments, scans, and unstructured documents
    Automatically analyze, enhance, and enrich large quantities of data with ≥99% accuracy
    ProcessMaker IDP automatically fixes typos and misinterpreted characters with OCR and Post-OCR intelligent correction
    When employees handle data manually...
    Employees lose hours per week searching for non-existent information or recreating lost data
    Teams struggle to keep up with inputting data from PDF applications or forms into spreadsheets
    Low-accuracy systems import mistakes or typos, leading to poor-quality decision making

    "Thanks to the powerful applied AI solution from ProcessMaker, our employees can trace down contract data much faster. Knowing the expiration dates of contracts, for example, enables them to create new business value in the blink of an eye."

    “With the help of ProcessMaker’s cutting edge intelligent content platform and machine learning technology, our on the ground analyst team can more effectively review and rectify any inaccuracies with the data in a way that remains consistent with the CTI templates.”

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