Better internal communication, more competitive margins.

The telecommunications industry is a sophisticated services industry. To succeed in this industry and retain customers, businesses must operate efficiently, maintain competitive margins, and manage numerous custom business processes related to the telecom industry.

Processmaker BPM software provides a proven platform for managing the dozens of processes that are unique to the telecom industry and need to be handled on a high volume, case by case basis. Here is a list of some of the processes that some of our telecom customers have automated in ProcessMaker:

  • SAP Integrated Purchase Request - Non production purchasing request which triggers a purchase request in SAP
  • Trip Request
  • Vacation Request
  • Request to pay Bonuses
  • Request to pay Sales Commissions
  • Request for Office Supplies
  • Consolidated Request for Office Supplies
  • Request for New Hire
  • New Line Creation Request
  • Petty Cash Reconciliation Process
  • IT Services Request
  • Additional Lines Request
  • Virtual Voucher Request
  • Wimax Bandwidth Increase Request
  • Postventa IPTV
  • Register Damaged Equipmentes
  • Register CPE
  • Register Requests for Application Servers
  • Request for WiFi Equipment
  • Requirement to Hire Operators
  • Request for an Instalation Evaluation Study on Client Site
  • Request for Legal Support
  • Request for a Site Design
  • Request for HFC Install
  • Support for First Level Invoicing
  • Request for a Coverage Study
  • Request Permissions from the Superintendent of Telecom
"ProcessMaker gave us complete control over our operations. All information is now correctly and seamlessly managed and we have complete visibility over all company history, data and documentation."
— David Higgins, Director Software Product Development, Hypercube LLC (West Corp.)
"Thanks to ProcessMaker, we were able to automate many of our most important Contact Center processes."
— Pablo Mora, IT Manager, Contact Center
UNE EPM Telecomunicaciones S.A.
"…the implementation of ProcessMaker allowed us to standardize our processes, reduce procurement times, eliminate paper forms all while increasing traceability and historical information for analysis."
— Ramiro Gonzales, Manager of Procurement and Hiring, Nuevatel S.A
"ProcessMaker has proved to be extremely robust and reliable in our most critical implementations. Its flexibility allows us to accommodate any requirement."
— Geoffrey Smith, CEO
"ProcessMaker is a very valuable workflow automation system. It not only helps in managing our organization’s processes, but optimizes them as well. In addition, it archives uploaded and generated documents so they are easily reached whenever we require them."
— Qussay Alkhateeb, CTO at EarthLink Telecommunications