Expense Report Part 1

How to Run a Process

In this video, a simple Expense Report Process is automated using ProcessMaker 4. 

The process kicks off at the Start Event, where a user creates a request. Then, the requester fills out an Expense Report in the first task. After the requester submits the Expense Report Form, the request is then routed to the supervisor for review. 

If the supervisor rejects the request, the request is sent back to the requester for revision. If the supervisor approves the expense report, then the request is sent to the Finance Department to reimburse the requester and a PDF of the entire expense report is generated before the request is completed. 

To begin the request, the requester clicks the +REQUEST button at the top right corner of the screen. Here, we can select the process we’d like to begin, which is the Expense Report Process. To create a new request, the user clicks the START button.

The requester now completes the Expense Report form with information regarding their expenses. Here, the requester enters the data into a record table to make the information about the expenses easier to read at a glance. The requester can add rows to this report table to submit more than one type of expense.

Using the SELECT FILE button, the requester can upload and submit receipts.

Finally, the user is returned to the inbox after submitting the expense report.


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