Orchestration as Competitive Differentiator

Taylor Dondich, ProcessMaker’s CTO, shared his predictions for BPM industry trends in the November 11th BPM.com podcast. The next article in this blog series will look at some ways to work smarter, not harder.
In this installment of the blog, we will explore how ProcessMaker plans to capitalize on the new interaction models created by expanding digital ecosystems through orchestration to create a more nimble BPM software for our customers.

What’s Trending at ProcessMaker?

The latest release of ProcessMaker takes full advantage of the Cloud. As a result, it has even more integration features into other apps such as Google, Docusign and other popular applications. In the first quarter of 2019, we will introduce release 4. It will capitalize on the need to orchestrate apps, voice, AI, human interaction and more into digital workstreams. By becoming more of an orchestration system, ProcessMaker will better leverage functionality and information in disparate systems across our customers’ enterprises as a result.

New Interaction Models

BPM orchestration models that work well with voice activation, a variety of apps and legacy solutions consequently help employers take full advantage of their ever-growing digital ecosystems. By enabling workflows that use familiar tools, they can do their best work quickly and effectively. Therefore, ProcessMaker has made a concerted effort to support these new models of machine and person interaction in BPM workflows. In doing so, we are becoming more nimble and better positioned to serve our customers as this trend continues to gain traction. It’s all about leveraging new models of interaction so employees can do their best work.  

Clean Slate Approach

To create release 4, we took lessons learned from earlier releases.  We talked with customers and learned about their business challenges. In addition, we researched market problems and looked closely at competitors. In our observation of the market, we took a close look at emerging entrants and the new value their offerings provide. All of this effort to find the best of BPM combined to formulate ProcessMaker release 4.  

Open Source Tradition Continues

True to the genesis of ProcessMaker, release 4 will first be available in an open-source model.  We are currently targeting the first quarter of 2019 for its inaugural release. This will give the developer community an opportunity to see, touch and interact with our new platform.  Almost immediately, you will recognize that this is a very different experience.

Competitive Differentiation

In conclusion, it’s immediately clear that orchestrating apps, humans and the many components of processes is going to be key going forward. ProcessMaker’s ability to successfully orchestrate humans, apps, legacy solutions, and artificial intelligence will be a huge competitive differentiator.  Above all, this unique combination will help clients rapidly advance workflow in their own digital ecosystems to help employees do their best work.


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