ProcessMaker Sponsored Case Study Declared Winner of WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in BPM & Workflow

For the 2017 WfMC Global Awards for Excellence in BPM and Workflow, ProcessMaker nominated its client Valeo. Valeo’s unique BPM deployment incorporates ProcessMaker and an internal roles directory. On Dec. 12, it was announced that Valeo was selected as a BPM Awards winner. As a nominator, ProcessMaker is joining the ranks of previous winners such as IBM and Appian.

Valeo’s solution

Business process management (BPM) is not a new concept for Valeo. This is their third solution overall. ProcessMaker worked with Valeo for a seamless transition that involved simplifying their processes and employing the necessary integrations, so Valeo can work the way they want to work.

Building corporate culture with BPM

Part of Valeo’s success stems from their desire to change the corporate culture through BPM. Their workflow solution touches every single department across this international company.
In fact, Valeo has created a dynamic process for approving processes. New process requests are first reviewed by a dedicated team in that department. The goal here is to determine if a similar process already exists and can be adapted to fit this new need.
Process quality testing is done on every single process suggestion. There are a number of criteria that a process must meet to be implemented. If any criteria are not met, the process is not implemented. This rigorous approvals process highlights just how important it is for Valeo to get each process right, and not introduce processes just for the sake of it.

The future is paperless

Eliminating paper waste was a huge focus for Valeo when transitioning to a new BPM solution. The ability to remove paper forms from their workflows is a part of their corporate go-green initiative. As another benefit, going completely digital is a huge cost savings for the company.
Valeo is still working toward this goal and aims to be completely paperless by the end of 2017.

Mobile workflow software

For executives who need to approve tasks on-the-go, the option to download the ProcessMaker mobile app has made their lives easier. Valeo’s previous workflow solutions did not have a mobile app option, and this has been a great productivity boost for their team.
The mobile app is fully integrated with its desktop workflow software. So, as soon as a task is approved or rejected there is no wait period for a desktop user to receive the response. Everything occurs in near real-time.

BPM Awards—What it means to us

At ProcessMaker, we’re proud of the streamlined business process management solution we are able to provide to our clients. Valeo is a special case because of their desire to fully embrace BPM software and create a real difference in their company culture. In fact, Valeo has impacted our business by showing us gaps that previously existed in our own software. A reporting plugin was created for Valeo but has since been rolled out to all of our customers.
We are always learning from our clients and ask for regular feedback so we can continue to improve our software. Our end goal is to give organizations flexible software to create the unique business processes they need.
We are excited to continue our work with Valeo to further optimize their existing processes. Interested in learning about other ProcessMaker clients? View our success stories for more insight on what our clients have achieved with ProcessMaker Enterprise.


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