Why Approximately 20% of iBPMS are Open-Source

Digital transformation is about more than a transition for the sake of change; it is about resolving dynamic business needs, improving operational efficiencies, and optimizing the customer experience by working differently. As companies continue to move forward along their digital transformation journey, they start to embrace smarter automation solutions that enhance employee and customer engagement and provide a competitive edge well into the future. 

However, many digital transformation plans fail because they are not agile enough to change or scale when needed. Intelligent business process management suites (iBPMS) integrate business process management (BPM) with artificial intelligence (AI) to automate end-to-end business processes utilizing the cloud and low-code tools to empower citizen developers to create unique workflow applications rapidly. 

When selecting the right iBPMS platform, evaluation criteria continues to evolve. Gartner recently released its annual report for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites in which it evaluated vendors across digital business transformation, optimization, and adaptive case management. Out of the 20 iBPMS vendors, four listed are open source, representing a significant 20% of the magic quadrant: 

  • ProcessMaker
  • Camunda
  • Bonitasoft
  • Flowable

Why an Open-Source iBPMS?

Innovation in iBPMS benefits everyone in the organization. Still, the promise of improving and automating business processes dynamically faces obstacles due to the rigidity of most BPM products from a development and deployment perspective. The way to overcome this challenge is with the open-source model. It takes the opposite philosophy of proprietary software since its code is freely available for any end-user to rebuild or modify. In terms of continued disruptive innovation, open-source has long been the preferred model. 

Open-source iBPMS solutions are flexible and agile with a bottom-up approach that services both the business and technical side as developers and business users alike can interact with a wide variety of data sources and connectors provided by the open-source community to customize their platform as needed.

The freedom of choice in consulting and upgrades that open-source offers — is something you can’t utilize with proprietary vendors. With open-source, end users can extend their iBPMS platform without needing approval from the vendor and purchasing expensive added services. 

Unquestionably, a vast library of connectors linking third-party systems is vital for future-proofing an iBPMS solution. You don’t have to face a paywall to extend the features or petition a proprietary vendor to create custom connectors. As a result, open-source is the ideal vehicle for iBMPS.

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Recognized by Gartner as one of the few open-source vendors, the Processmaker iBPMS platform enables end-users to automate business processes and decisions while using intelligence to derive insights quickly and at scale.



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