Expense Approval

Extract information from a scanned image of a payment slip and submit a request for approval of the expense.

Accounting and Finance

Optimize expense management in your organization with our Expense Approval template. Streamline the process of extracting essential information from payment slips and efficiently handle expense approval requests. Take full control of your expenses like never before, harnessing the power of automation and enjoying hassle-free expense management today!

Feature List

Our advanced template converts scanned images into actionable data, enabling you to effortlessly track and manage expenses. Here is a summary of the features available in this template:

  • Convenient request submission: Users can submit an expense approval request by submitting an image or photo through a provided link, eliminating the need to log in to a portal.
  • Intelligent document processing: Our system automatically extracts all the required information from the expense slip, avoiding any manual data entry.
  • Time-saving auto-approval: Simple requests are automatically approved, saving valuable time. More complex requests can be escalated for further review.
  • Effective communication: Keep all process participants informed by sending email notifications, ensuring that everyone stays up to date.
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