Consumer Account Opening Frictionless. Secure. Meet the high consumer expectations with a frictionless account opening. Consumers can open an account in a few minutes

Gather Information

  • Meet with customers where they are, both online or in-branch
  • Customer Self-Serve
    • Embedded into bank website
  • Complete in Person
    • In-branch
  • Bi-directional integration with your core banking system
  • Add account and services, signers, request additional documents, and update customer information.
  • Ensure a consistent experience post account boarding.
  • Add or remove signers
  • Modify treasury limits
  • Understand every activity within the process with Dashboards and Reports
  • Keep a bird’s eye view on all your account opening workflows in flight. Zoom into specifics and fight abandonment by tracking due dates, progress and escalations.
ProcessMaker Banking - Gather Information


  • Included identity verification and
  • Background checks.
  • Biometric review - Capture live face-scans and compare with IDs,
  • OFAC - cross-search across sanction lists,
  • Run credit checks
  • Reduce the risk of fraud with the background check tools.
  • Stay compliant with the due diligence and AML/BSA tools.
  • Easily present appropriate deposit compliance disclosures.
  • Define customer risk profiles and
  • Configure related usage limits and exception approvals.
  • Perform due diligence and risk rating of application before final approvals.
  • Capture consent easily for appropriate deposit compliance disclosures with eSignature.
  • Collect electronic signatures once from all relevant parties.
  • Generate and deliver Signature cards seamlessly
ProcessMaker Banking - Compliance

ProcessMaker’s Next Generation Account Opening delivers an end-to-end digital account opening experience.

Products & Services

  • From Checking, Savings, Money Market, CDs
  • Eliminate the frustrating back-and-forth and easily onboard your business customers into your Treasury Services.
ProcessMaker Banking - Products and Services

Last Mile

  • Cover the last mile with immediate funding options
  • Fund new accounts easily via ACH, with account validation via NACHA Phixius.
  • Wire Transfers
  • Or fund from existing debit accounts or credit cards via PayPal.
  • Automatically create customers, accounts, and relationships directly with your Core system without manual intervention.
  • Reserve account numbers from the Core,
  • Auto-generate CIF numbers using your own rules,
  • select from a range of predefined numbers,
  • Or input account numbers from starter packs.
  • Cross the finish line with storing in your DMS repository
  • Automatically create all account documents and signature cards.  Have them moved via SFTP with index files created so your current document management system can access them.
  • SMS Communication with Twilio
    • Notifications to customers and bankers
    • Throughout the process, applicants and bankers receive notifications on process events, such as verification checks, account funding, etc. Exceptions are flagged for back/middle office support users to reach out to applicants, help resolve exceptions, and ensure the completion of the account opening process.
  • Expand Services: with Open banking concept - with RESTful API, expand your capabilities with third-party integrations.
ProcessMaker Banking - Last Mile

Account Opening ROI Calculator

Calculate the potential benefits of using ProcessMaker’s Account Opening Solution.

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