Streamline account opening at your institution

In banking, relationships come first. When your bank makes it easy to open checking and savings accounts, your customers appreciate the service. Delivering excellence in account opening accelerates your core deposit strategy, keeping your funding stable at the lowest risk possible.

Deliver an omni-channel account opening experience.

As an enterprise leader in workflow and business process management (BPM), the ProcessMaker platform empowers business users to design and automate the delivery of the optimal experience when on-boarding new customers at your bank—every single time.

We ensure your bank is fully KYC Compliant during the account opening process

Customers expect to be served quickly and efficiently around the clock in multiple channels. Whether your customers using your mobile app, going online, or visiting the branch to open a new account, our platform makes every touchpoint of their account opening journey enjoyable with a high-fidelity, low-maintenance solution.

Treasury Services on-boarding

Our Treasury Services solution creates a seamless on-boarding process for your customers. It eliminates the gaps between sales and fulfillment. Your treasury management team can use this solution to drive need based on-boarding processes and reduce the time taken to meet customer demands. Leveraging our banking automation workflow platform, they can ensure streamlined account set-up, correspondence generation and management, funding, and activation.

ACH and Wire Services

Sending and receiving money electronically by ACH and wire transfers is easy with ProcessMaker. Regulation and tight security control requires banks to undergo a series of checks and balances during funds transfers. Fraud management is critical as it relates to ACH and wire services. With greater transparency, ease-of-use, and heightened security technology, you can create replicable wire templates easily across entire banking systems—including foreign exchange transfers. Customers can now send wires in native currencies to the beneficiary country. Get your bank on the same page with software that makes cancelling and approving wire transfers simple.

The ProcessMaker Advantage

ProcessMaker is relentless about bringing the world’s latest technologies to create an interdependent, omnipresent experience across financial institutions. Work smarter and transform redundant into intuitive with our suite of applications for commercial banking:

Retail / Consumer Lending
Commercial Lending
SMB Lending
Mortgage Loans

Risk & Compliance

Global Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance
Anti Money Laundering (AML)
FATCA Compliance
CRS Compliance
Wealth Management Reporting
Credit Risk Management

Automate Your Back Office Behind the Scenes

Employee requests
Vacation approval

… and more.

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