Weekly Roundup: Top Tech Articles from Week of 2/10/20

Weekly Roundup time! This past week we discussed the rise of college tech incubators, what a process is, the differences between digital signatures and e-signatures, and more! Read on to learn more!

venture capital

The Rise of College Tech Incubators

A tech incubator is typically backed by one or more venture capital (VC) firms and is used to test out different startups and their teams, usually with a time limit of some kind and specific goals, after which they proceed to a round of funding or do not pass go or collect $200. Prior to the past decade, these incubators were scarce and exclusive and almost entirely limited to Silicon Valley and its top dozen venture capital firms on Sand Hill Road. However, in the past decade, venture capital firms have gone beyond Silicon Valley and, with tech partners like Google, Microsoft, and more, began setting up incubators at universities across the country. Let’s quickly look at how we got here.


process model

What Is a Process?

As most of us sit in an office performing daily tasks, we never stop to think, where did these processes come from? The way we work has come from hundreds of years of trial and error. So how we work today is by processes and functions. But in the business process management world, how does that look? In this article, we’ll describe what a process is and how to create a process in ProcessMaker. 

digital signatures

The Difference Between E-Signatures and Digital Signatures

E-Signatures, once a luxury business expense, are now widely used around the world, but their counterpart, digital signatures, hasn’t received as much attention. Why? Because most are unaware of the differences. In this article, we’ll explain the differences between e-signatures and digital signatures. 


Is Your Organization Involved in Hackathons? It Should Be.

Perhaps we should start with what a hackathon is. Most think it’s just for computer programmers hacking the night away until someone builds something awesome. That’s part of it but the trend is moving towards inclusion of disciplines outside of computer science to electrical engineering, medicine, finance, and more. Hackathons are not just about computer programmers anymore, they are a fertile ground to spot talent from a wide range of disciplines through entrepreneurial merit and by its very nature, leadership, and persistence.

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