Weekly Roundup: “Best of Tech” Articles for the Month of September

Happy Friday!

Our marketing department has been working hard to deliver you quality content about the latest trends and technology in today’s tech and business news. These articles provide insight, news, and commentary into the worlds of business intelligence, enterprise software, technology’s impact on business, and other related topics.

Read on to get educated on what’s happening in the tech and business industries below:

No. 1: Why UX Should Be at the Heart of Digital Transformation

Great UX is arguably one of the greatest reasons companies like Apple have sustained success for decades. Deeply understanding the end-user is the foundation of building a solid digital transformation strategy. Read more above to learn more about how you can put UX first in your digital disruption efforts.

No. 2: How Process Mapping Improves Every Level of Your Organization

“If you’re not constantly really rethinking what you’re doing and trying to adopt disruptive technologies—disruptive, that is, to yourself—you will be disrupted, and be gone.”

For ProcessMaker, we believe process mapping constantly improves an enterprise. It is a key differentiator that can help organizations like yours operate efficiently and stay ahead of your competition.

No. 3: 5 Questions to Ask Before Moving Your Higher Ed BPM to the Cloud

So your college is considering moving its on-premises BPM to the cloud. What should you look for and ask among your faculty and staff before making such a decision? Read more here to find out the 5 things you absolutely need to ask before your higher ed institution makes the switch.

No. 4: How to Leverage Social Media to Drive Digital Transformation

The IDC reported that “84% of executives relying on social media to make B2B buying decisions.”

Customers prefer social media, and being customer-centric is critical to business success today. In order to be customer-centric, your enterprise needs to embrace digital transformation to achieve that goal. Find out how you can use social media as a powerful accelerator to jumpstart your next digital transformation project.


No. 5: 5 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Banking Workflow Solution

Banks operate in one of the most volatile and rapidly changing markets of any industry. As banks have recognized strong infrastructure is critical to meet new customer demands, they are turning to workflow solutions for help. But which one should you choose, and what do you need to know before making a decision? Find out what you need to consider before buying a BPM solution built to handle banking operations.

That was fun, right?

We sincerely hope you enjoy this content we have taken the time to carefully curate just for you. Have any questions or comments regarding any posts, or have an idea for a piece of content? Feel free to reach out to [email protected] with your questions, comments, and inquiries.

Until next Friday, happy reading!

About ProcessMaker:

ProcessMaker is a low-code business process management and workflow software.  ProcessMaker makes it easy for business analysts to collaborate with IT to automate complex business processes connecting people and existing company systems. Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina in the United States, ProcessMaker has a partner network spread across 35 countries on five continents. Hundreds of commercial customers, including many Fortune 100 companies, rely on ProcessMaker to digitally transform their core business processes enabling faster decision making, improved compliance, and better performance.

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