California Resources Corporation Wins 2018 WfMC Business Transformation Award!

Congratulations to California Resources Corporation for being named a 2018 WfMC Business Transformation Award winner in the BPM category!  As an energy producer, their process re-design project that mapped spare parts to field-based wells was a winner across all categories, worldwide.

The Project

CRC wanted to improve the process of linking field assets to the inventory of spare parts and optimize parts management. Using ProcessMaker and our professional services, the joint team built a process to embed a search for parts traversing over a dozen systems of record that accessed both internal and external vendor parts inventories. This automation allowed the implementation of the “Search before you buy!” methodology. The project also provided a way to capture metadata about each part and to link it to a field-based well.


The “Search Before you Buy!” methodology immediately reduced calls, emails and other forms of communication previously needed to determine if the part was in-house or located at a nearby vendor.  This was an enormous satisfier to the procurement department and a win for suppliers. By adding part numbers and other metadata as new requests for parts, the record of inventory on hand and at local contracted vendors dramatically improved. In a few months, CRC used ProcessMaker reports to begin renegotiating contracts with suppliers to further optimize inventory management. This immediately resulted in saving over 20% in parts. They also were able to identify obsolete inventory and set up a program to dispose of parts no longer needed.  This freed up a tremendous amount of warehouse space, and further added to the project’s success.

Team Leadership

Congratulations to project leaders Alfred Hernandez and Michael Philpott at CRC!

wfmc award winner

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