Zimbra Workflow

The ProcessMaker Workflow Suite has been integrated to the Zimbra Messaging Suite and the result is a powerful workflow zimlet and bpm zimlet that are now available inside Zimbra.  Imagine now being able to use Zimbra not only to write and send emails but also to use a workflow zimlet in which enterprise messaging suite users can launch a leave absence request, expense report, purchase request, or invoice approval directly from within Zimbra. 


How this solution may help you

This workflow zimlet seamlessly brings the power of business process management to Zimbra.  Thanks to the ProcessMaker advanced BPM zimlet, Zimbra users can now have the power of messaging and the power of process management all from within the same window.  The ProcessMaker BPM zimlet allows users to login to a processmaker instance, and then perform the functions that a user usually performs from the web – namely launching a case or instance of a process or attending to a case that has been sent to the user as part of a workflow where the zimbra user is a participant.  Thanks to our Single Sign On capabilities, the user is automatically logged in to the BPM zimlet when they log on to Zimbra.  Furthermore, this SSO can also happen seamlessly against Active Directory or an LDAP server. 

In today’s fast paced world, users don’t want to login to yet another web window.  Users want to access all of their key services from a single portal.  For most of us, our email software is where we live 24/7.  This is the natural place to embed additional, important enterprise functionality.  As the world moves towards SOA and a service oriented way of thinking about business, BPM is becoming more and more important.  Now, the new BPM for zimbra BPM Zimlet adds workflow for Zimbra and completes the Enterprise messaging suite.

Once the Zimlet has been uploaded to Zimbra, an extra tab at the top of the screen displaying “ProcessMaker” will be displayed.  Configuring the Zimlet is as easy as entering the parameters of the workspace to which the user is registered, as well as his or her ProcessMaker username and password.  Once the Zimlet is configured, the user's ProcessMaker folders and cases will be displayed under the ProcessMaker section of Zimbra.

Managing cases from within Zimbra is identical to using ProcessMaker.  Users can view and interact with dynaforms from within the preview pane in Zimbra with the added benefit of having your workload managed from your mail client.

You can download the ProcessMaker Zimlet from the Zimbra Gallery.

For more information, visit our Zimlet Wiki Page.